We do not matter!

 matterThe universe takes time, according to the Spanish physicist . In this article, should be singled out: The fact is that at the end of the XX century, scientists have made a sensational discovery: our universe is not just expanding, but doing it with acceleration.

To detect this effect, scientists began in 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. What propels the universe? This phenomenon has become one of the biggest mysteries of nature, over which for nearly 20 years fighting physics. They introduced the concept of dark energy and that she attributed to the effect of acceleration.

However, until now no one has no idea what it is, where does, though versions are more than enough. By the way, why this phenomenon is called dark energy. What’s so valuable is the fact that scientists have discovered that the universe is not only expanding, but accelerating, for which he received a well-deserved award!

But if scientists have developed even further thought, it would come to more openness and tied into a single system is not yet clear and separate phenomena. They would understand that dark energy is that the potential energy of the medium, it is easier to imagine the pressure, it is the energy source that causes expansion, scientists here, in my opinion, absolutely right. But they would understand what acceleration is a tool that shows hidden or potential energy, which we see as gravity.

And they would come to an understanding of the basic law of nature, that investing in energy provides more acceleration Wednesday, that is, multiply the energy, just due to the dark matter. And it gives the key to understanding the multilevel world that every upper level creates a potential impact (dark matter or energy) for the development of the lower level. The lower and upper levels need to understand the concept of a vibration velocity or movement. Verhniy- has a higher speed and vibration, and a lower level lower.

But if scientists again began to think it would come to an understanding of the time that the concept of time, we have interpreted as the cost of energy to overcome the forces of resistance of the medium. Medium has a latent or potential energy, it can be clearly seen in the life of the example of the inertia forces that occur during acceleration and braking, so the medium opens its hidden resources or energy. Energy of the medium can also be used to overcome their same resistance. Here is a very simple analogy, the water when we are moving in the water, feel the resistance, if we move like a log, then spend a lot of effort and energy, as if the diver, the sail easily and far, and dolphins and fish swim even faster and spend less strength, because they are used correctly or pressure medium energy to the water environment are of potential energy.

And for example, water can be clearly seen that the higher the frequency or speed, the greater the resistance, but meanwhile the opportunity to use energy more space. But this leads to an even more grandiose conclusion that people are not being material !!! Whether we just physical matter, for us to be mental as time went on evenly, because the physical world is relatively slow, it is not possible to use the energy of the space, it’s like slowly walking man in the water or in the air … With the increasing speed of the resistance of the medium increases, but At the same time, you can use the drag force to overcome their own.

And that’s why mental time for us changeable. Because mental energy is the same matter, only the higher frequency or speed of movement and acceleration of these matters leads to a multiplication of energy due to the energy space, dark matter, but with the difference that the plan should have its own dark matter . And so, when we are interested in, our mental energy going on we do not feel the acceleration of time, as we spend little of their stored energy, time flies quickly, and when we’re not interested, then slows down and difficult to read, because the environment and we are butting its conquerors from their sources.

And if you really think about the good structure of the world, then it is logical that in addition to our level should be higher, those who exhibit energy, create the conditions for our world and so everything goes to the top, which is called God in religion. Without this center, to begin the process could not start development, but of course, an open question, where did this power and what it represents, however, this does not prevent us to use those energies, those principles that are inherent in the natural scheme! This energy and new technologies, but it is not important, it’s possible to lose, then leave, but the main thing that we have is the mental energy that you need to multiply and grow, at the expense of ordinary rational logic, by investing energy and its multiplying. Even if you take my note, in fact, I got ready information of the articles analyzed, that is launched or accelerating iterative mechanism in the case of normal logic course and got a natural course of events, multiplication of energy, which then issued as a new idea. All their achievements have previously laid out on this site, new in this article that the concept of mental time proves that we do not matter, that there are other levels of higher vibration.

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