UFO in the Baltic Sea

14 Jan

shipsStrange circular objects found at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea in June 2011. The diameter of the findings was 18 meters. According to professional diver Stephen Hogeborna that the team visited the Ocean X area detection unidentified submerged object, it has an inexplicable effect on all equipment.

When we were right on the object, then the ship stopped working chamber and even satellite phones – said diver. – As soon as we sail towards the 200 meters, and equipment began to work, and when we got to the point on the object, all felled again.

Hogeborn also confirmed that a flying saucer on the bottom of the Gulf is a long, though plowed strip. Alien ship left the mark in the crash.

However, skeptics in the theory of a UFO crash in the Baltic Sea are still missing. Charles Paull, a senior fellow at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California believe that the mysterious object is of natural origin.

– Perhaps it’s just a rock outcrop or bizarre seabed as a result of the release of the gas, – said the scientist.

Descend directly to the object for the past three and a half years, no one has yet been able to. Enthusiasts of the Ocean X team have collected the submarine, which was soon going to plunge to the flying saucer and other sunken objects into the Baltic Sea, mainly – ships. Scientists estimate that such already has about 100 thousand.

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