The river up to 750 liters of radioactive water

 radioactive waterThe defeat of radioactive material tritium super-heavy hydrogen occurred at Browns Ferry nuclear power plant in the city of Athens Alabama, USA due to malfunction of 1 of the gates. The accident in the river Tennessee fell from 300 to 750 liters of radioactive water. The operative station Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) said that the leak was rapidly eliminated and did not represent a danger to the local population.

A company spokesman Jim Hopkins found that the satisfied of radioactive substances in the water that got into the river, exceeded allowable principles, however, assured. The analysis of the likely areas of infection showed that the level of tritium out of standards for drinking water. In the unlikely event that you get tritium in drinking channels, he approximately immediately dissolved in the water and radioactive radiation will decrease to an acceptable level.

In October, all three Browns Ferry reactor nuclear power plant have been tested US federal regulators, according to the information resource of Alabama The representative of the inspection winner McCree said that the Browns Ferry plant has made great strides in performance and security and noted that, due to the stable operation of nuclear authority plants supervisors may review the frequency of inspections of the plant.

Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen and refers to 1 of the main products ejection accident. The half-life of the substance exceeds 12 years and drunken triturated water is approximately completely absorbed by the body and is mixed with water body, affecting all human organs.

Similar water leak occurred a month earlier at Susquehanna Nuclear authority Plant in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. Then, to eliminate the accident took disable 1 of the 2 reactors and the leak has left the station and did not lead to interruptions in the supply of electricity.

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