Ten stunning natural anomalies

stunning naturalIn China, there is a river with a waterfall, which does not freeze in winter at minus 30 degrees Celsius. But in the middle of summer, stream, for unexplained reasons, begins to freeze.

2. Very tiny pond (100 × 60 m) in the Taldykurganskoy region of Kazakhstan does not dry up even in the height of summer, and the water is ice in it. There are no salmon fish and algae grow. Accurate studies were not conducted because the divers, even with a full tank of air starts to choke after just three minutes.

3. Valley of birds falling in the mountains of the Indian state of Assam. Every August in the middle of the night sky with the birds begins to fall. At the same time, the birds are in a semi-conscious state and does not even try to escape when they were picked up.

4. Vulemi – a prehistoric plant, the very existence of which has long been a state secret Australia. This pine, dating back about 150 million years.

5. Exploring the shapes and sizes of the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica, scientists were surprised to find that their contours are almost identical. It has been suggested that, as a result of a meteorite, the continent of Antarctica as to squeeze on the other side of the planet. This fantastic hypothesis has many supporters today.

6. Disputes Kano – it revived microorganisms that found in a piece of amber microbiologist Raul Cano. What is surprising is that the controversy hit the resin 25 million years ago.

7. Near Rome, there iridium anomaly. Iridium content there is 300 times higher than normal. The Layer at the depth corresponding to the geological boundary between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic – a time when the dinosaurs became extinct. Similar anomalies found in Denmark, Spain and the coast of the Caspian Sea. Perhaps it is – the trace of a meteorite.

8. There is a phenomenon called thunder baldness. This area is a high voltage that occurs after contact with the ground lightning. Trying to pass this pesto people may die. Fortunately, energy funnels in place of lightning exists only in a few minutes.

9. The mysterious phenomenon characteristic of all high-precision measuring instruments – zero drift. When thin metrology errors are repeated with the same regularity. The surrounding area is constantly changing, some parameters and their effect on the arrows and devices. What exactly changed – still not exactly clear.

10. Drossolides in Greek means droplets of moisture. So called phenomenon that occurs regularly on the coast of the island of Crete in the middle of summer, usually in the early morning hours, when the air is condensed droplets of mist. Numerous eyewitnesses describe how their eyes over the sea near the Castle Frank Castello there is a huge battle scene. Heard screams and the sound of weapons. Mirage is slowly approaching from the sea and disappears into the walls of the castle. Historians say that in this place about 150 years ago, there was a battle between Greeks and Turks: its image, lost in time and allegedly observed on shore at Castle Frank Castello.

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