Most Mysterious dark matter can be found in the Sun

07 Jan

SumManifestations of dark matter whose mass in the universe is several times greater than the mass of the visible, ordinary matter can be found in the study of the Sun, says Professor, University of Ferrara (Italy), a leading researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) (Moscow) head of the laboratory of cosmology and elementary particle Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Alexander Dolgov.

The accuracy of observations increases, and, perhaps, after all, can be detected some anomalies, indicating that the sun has an unusual source of energy due to the annihilation of dark matter particles, – said the scientist in an interview with Interfax-Siberia.

According to him, the Sun is already very much known for helium Seismology – there are fluctuations in the sun’s surface, they studied the characteristics of the internal structure of the star.

Informed that he headed a laboratory in NSU built the second prototype detector to search for dark matter, with a volume of 150 liters of liquid argon.

The detector can capture ultra-light particles – low energy neutrinos, which interact with the nuclei of atoms, but it does not produce electrons.

Our detector is sensitive to this, and it opens very interesting prospects, particularly for remote diagnostics of nuclear reactors – is the closest to practical use. There are prospects for medicine – instant account of electrons and positrons makes it possible to make a very quick scan, – said the scientist .

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