Is it possible to influence the other person by the thought?

person by the thoughtDr. Imants Barushs investigates concepts that are intangible or often added to the spiritual phenomena, for example, the energy field of people and the ability to field one person to influence others.

Barushs – a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. His latest report called Changing consciousness at a seminar on self-development: a study seminar Matrix Energetics. It was published in the Journal of the study of consciousness in November 2014

In that report, he described some of their own experiments related to the power of consciousness.

Effect of distance

In two experiments Barushs directed his thoughts on the people from the far distance, to learn if they feel something. These experiments were set out in the third chapter of his book The incredible happens» (The Impossible Happens) and a new report. His thoughts were focused on improving the vitality of participants in order to understand whether they would feel more cheerful go more tired than usual.

In the experiment involved 37 people with whom he agreed at the time of the experiment. The subjects did not have a set time to be behind the wheel. They watched their feelings.

Barushs also monitor their own level of concentration and the depth of altered states of consciousness. The experiment showed that the deeper he focuses on what subjects feel tired. He found that mental action at a distance does have an effect on the participants. His result was p <.05, which means that the probability of changes in the level of cheerfulness in subjects less than 5%. That is more than 95% of the participants really feel the influence of his thoughts.

The results are an interesting starting point for further experiments, but Barushs warns that they can significantly change if more factors into account.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics – a practice where one person intellectually impacts on others. Barushs quoted some of its effects are described by another researcher Jo Marlowe from the Institute of interpersonal psychology: Participants sometimes experiencing some somatic sensations, such as fainting or feeling that things around unnatural. In some cases, there is a spontaneous cure of diseases.

Such phenomena must be carefully studied. The study – the first step in this direction, – he writes. He conducted an experiment during a conference Matrix Energetics in Philadelphia in 2012. It was the main theme of his report. In the experiment attended all sorts of people from doctors and engineers to workers filling. For most of them it was the first experience of participation in Matrix Energetics.

Barushs and his staff gave participants fill out a questionnaire before the seminar, immediately after the experiment, and two months later,  after the experience to see the short-term and long-term changes in their physical and psychological condition. To determine their emotional and mental state standardized tests used in psychology.

The results showed that the state of health in general has improved in the long term. Barushs but believes that the results should be interpreted with great caution. He says that people whose health has not improved, may be one of those who did not participate in the survey two months later, because not all people are completing this survey. It is also possible that the positive changes in those people whose health improved, not connected with the seminar. For two months they could take some other measures to improve it.

The change of consciousness during the workshop Matrix Energetics requires further study – he writes. – In the experiment were not considered contributory factors, such as social interaction with like-minded people, the influence of a charismatic speaker presentations  and so on. D. In order to understand these factors, you need a separate study.


When one person has a similar effect on the other, the question arises, what happens in the subconscious? Is it possible that this process is similar to hypnosis?

Behavior during the workshop Matrix Energetics is similar to hypnosis, says Barushs. He believes that it is similar to a movement of Healing Pentecostal The mechanism of action of these phenomena is unknown.

The definition of hypnosis used by researchers, is very broad. Barushs explains, Scientists disagree and cannot give a clear definition of what hypnosis.

There are several categories of people who are particularly susceptible to hypnosis, people who are prone to fantasies, having a positive attitude to such things, or impaired memory.

In the case of participants Matrix Energetics or Barusha experiments on the effects at a distance, people could actively seek to experience strange effects, in which case it falls into the category of people with a positive attitude.

Barushs explains these phenomena that Hypnosis is a not an explanation, and the label. For explanations of further research is needed.

Before the study, scientists debated on this topic. They found no evidence that during the seminar participants to apply for hypnosis, but the study and did not attempt to identify it.

Barushs says that what is happening to the seminars Matrix Energetics can be similar to hypnosis, but in order to determine exactly need more detailed experiments.


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