10 things to know before leaving for China

I accompanied a folk group of the province of Pisa in the International Festival of Tourism of Beijing. My role was to document this adventure with videos and photos and then there was not much time to explore and visit the places where we were. Despite this, China has left a mark.

Before leaving I told you 15 things to know before leaving for China and the Beijing International Tourism Festival , now want to tell you 10 things you do not forget China:


This is a very popular activity in China. People gather in the street to dance together, accompanied by background music from a portable speaker. Continue reading “10 things to know before leaving for China”

Ten stunning natural anomalies

stunning naturalIn China, there is a river with a waterfall, which does not freeze in winter at minus 30 degrees Celsius. But in the middle of summer, stream, for unexplained reasons, begins to freeze.

2. Very tiny pond (100 × 60 m) in the Taldykurganskoy region of Kazakhstan does not dry up even in the height of summer, and the water is ice in it. There are no salmon fish and algae grow. Accurate studies were not conducted because the divers, even with a full tank of air starts to choke after just three minutes. Continue reading “Ten stunning natural anomalies”

What will the world after 100 years?

after 100 yearsOur children will live and grandchildren, predicted Michio Kaku American professor. He believes that by 2030 the world will be a new type of contact lenses – they will be able to access the Internet. On a prototype of such a device is already running Professor Babak Parviz of the University of Washington.

In the free market should see various parts for the human body. Today, the latest biotechnology allow scientists without any problems grow in the lab new cartilage, nose, ears, blood vessels, heart valves, bladder, etc. On the basis of plastic spongiform sown stem cells with the patient’s DNA. When these cells dobavlyaetya catalyst, they very quickly begin to grow and multiply. So there first living tissues, and then whole organs. Continue reading “What will the world after 100 years?”

We do not matter!

 matterThe universe takes time, according to the Spanish physicist . In this article, should be singled out: The fact is that at the end of the XX century, scientists have made a sensational discovery: our universe is not just expanding, but doing it with acceleration.

To detect this effect, scientists began in 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. What propels the universe? This phenomenon has become one of the biggest mysteries of nature, over which for nearly 20 years fighting physics. They introduced the concept of dark energy and that she attributed to the effect of acceleration. Continue reading “We do not matter!”

The Blind Side of the Universe

GalaxyMankind has managed to look into the farthest corners of the universe. But until we know only a small part of it, and to reveal the other side of the universe, scientists first need to find a way to see her.

At the dawn of cosmology – the science that studies the universe – it was assumed that scientists are often wrong in the details, but never in doubt globally. In our time calculation errors could be reduced to a minimum, but doubts have grown to the size of the object being studied. Continue reading “The Blind Side of the Universe”

The explosion that changed the world

the worldThe epidemic can be stopped. War – to prevent the efforts of diplomats. Asteroid – mislead charge. But to block the volcano’s throat, and even this, beside which even Vesuvius looks like some Mannequin Pis against the background of the fountain Friendship of Peoples, is unlikely. According to scientists, the explosion of the super volcano awaits us in the near future.

This mountain people get round. They knew that inside it lives a powerful evil spirit. He sleeps most of the time, but when wakes up, then lit his big pipe, and from the roof of his home smoke rises into the sky column. Who inhale the smoke, the sick and die in terrible agony. And when the owner of the mountain in a dream flips from side to side, shaking the whole earth. Continue reading “The explosion that changed the world”

The total solar eclipse will occur

The total solar eclipse of the twentieth March on 20,2015 – a 61st eclipse of Saros one hundred and twentieth. The area gets the best of its visibility in the polar and middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere.  Reaches maximum eclipse at coordinates 64.4 ° North latitude, 6.6 ° west longitude, lasts a maximum of 2 minutes 47 seconds, and the width of the Moon’s shadow on the Earth’s surface is 463 kilometers.

At the time and point of maximum eclipse of the sun direction of 135 °, and the height of the sun above the horizon is 18 °.  Dynamic world time at the moment of greatest eclipse: 9:46:47 amendment dynamic time: 69 seconds. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse will occur”

Is it possible to influence the other person by the thought?

person by the thoughtDr. Imants Barushs investigates concepts that are intangible or often added to the spiritual phenomena, for example, the energy field of people and the ability to field one person to influence others.

Barushs – a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. His latest report called Changing consciousness at a seminar on self-development: a study seminar Matrix Energetics. It was published in the Journal of the study of consciousness in November 2014

In that report, he described some of their own experiments related to the power of consciousness. Continue reading “Is it possible to influence the other person by the thought?”

Why the cat lies in a sick man’s place?

Cat liesThe most common household healers are considered to be a cat. If the landlord fails to establish a relationship of trust with them, the cats are able to find and treat the sore spots of the owner. They go to this place, purr, warm it with its warmth – and the pain recedes. In a serious situation cat can for several hours not to depart from the patient. According to statistics, cat lovers are turning to doctors almost 5 times less likely than those who do not.

1. In cardiovascular diseases

There are many stories about how cats rescued people from heart attack and hypertensive crisis. The cat may even warn of a possible attack. Cat owners know that their pets sometimes begin fins, when their master is irritated or tense. Continue reading “Why the cat lies in a sick man’s place?”

Spacecraft Venus Express is watching the storm on Venus

At the beginVenusning of 2015 thanks to the European spacecraft Venus Express the researchers got new pictures and videos of the storm raging on Venus – the second planet from our sun.

This storm was raging at the South Pole incandescent solid planet. And he was captured by an infrared spectrometer spectral Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer.

Such storms occur periodically on Venus at an altitude of about 70 kilometers above the planet’s surface. They may reach speeds of 400 km / h. Continue reading “Spacecraft Venus Express is watching the storm on Venus”