The Temple of the Sun

TempleMajestic religious building ancient Mayan ruins of which were found in an abandoned city under the provisional name of Palenque, is striking in its reasonableness, engineering accuracy and richness of decoration.

The length of the temple complex is about thirteen meters. The facade of the building facing the rising sun, that is, to the east. Front wall separate three massive input aperture, so that the central part of the wall resembles a column decorated with stucco. Inner rooms are extensive galleries with stone floors made of polished slabs. On the opposite wall of the gallery, there are small windows letting in the rays of light.

At the back of the church has three rooms, one of which is isolated from the rest. It is likely that there was a chapel room. The doorway of the sanctuary is decorated with ornaments of stucco, and in a pier near the door, carved inscriptions.

In the sanctuary walls are smooth, without carving and ornaments, and the front wall of reinforced stone slab in the form of panels, divided into three parts. It is this plate and is of great interest to the archaeologists.

Despite the fact that it took many centuries, carving panel is preserved perfectly, images and inscriptions carved in solid rock, have not lost their sharpness. The sides of the plate are decorated with four parallel lines of characters, and in the center of the composition depic human figures.

Likely at the plate shows the process of sacrifice to the deity. In the central part of the panel, you can see the two men who sit facing each other in the same pose with legs crossed. Each figure with one hand rests in the ground, and the other holds a small tray or table. On the table shows the two spears that are crossing over, hold aloft the mask, rather ugly-looking, which symbolizes God, waiting for the victim from their priests.

Side of the panel, which were located in the spaces, as well adorned with bas-reliefs depicting priests. But they, at one time, were taken by locals and mounted, as a decoration, the wall of one of the residential buildings.

Stolen from the temple on image plate, as well preserved well. They can see the two men facing each other. Minister of religion, pictured right, stands face turned toward the viewer. Features of this character are made very carefully, and the appearance is characteristic of the image of the priest, found in the palace. Draws attention to the priest’s headdress consisting mainly of plant motifs. The most prominent big flower bud shown down. Clothes men of the toga of jaguar skin.

His counterpart, pictured on the left plate, standing in profile and has the same characteristic appearance. He had no less interesting headdress made of feathers, decorated with stuffed birds and holding in its beak caught fish. This character is dressed in a toga with a broad cape, encircles the waist wide belt decorated with animal heads. Feet shod with the priest braided sandals. Arm extended forward with palm facing upwards, it is possible that this gesture of the request.

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