Samurai wisdom

SamuraiJapan – the country of the rising sun and cherry blossoms. Here beauty coexists with self-discipline and poetry – the art of war.

Made a mistake, you need to immediately correct it. If this is done without delay, it will soon be forgotten.

Whoever drunk grabs the sword, shows not only folly, but cowardice.

Samurai should avoid big amounts of sake, excessive pride and great luxury.

Ask when you know means act politely. Ask when you do not know, it is absolutely necessary.

When faced with setbacks and difficulties are not enough just not to worry. When faced with difficulties, you need to securely and happily rush forward.

Serious illness or other misfortune is determined by our attitude towards them.

The man is worth nothing if he does not understand that now and it’s time – this is the same thing.

If a person cannot cope with your body and intellect still at the beginning, he never overcomes the enemy.

Only need to be taken for what can be finished in one day. Tomorrow will also be only one day.

Truly there is nothing but the real reason of the present moment. All human life is a sequence of moments.

Should weigh every word and always ask yourself, is it true that you were going to say.

Education makes intelligent by nature more intelligent and stupid by nature – not so bad.

A man cannot understand how it could be wrong in others mistakes or do not understand them.

The trouble comes when people rely on the future, become lazy, idle and allow for slip from the hands; when, after much consideration, they lay urgent business, not to mention the less important, believing that they can fulfill their tomorrow.

People will live in peace, if some aspect of their lives will be ignored.

It is important to realize that when you evaluate the behavior of people.

If you will understand one thing – you will open eight others.

One word is enough to declare its power or cowardice.

What is called generosity, in fact, have compassion.

Three main external manifestations of man – his appearance, manner of writing and speaking.

Enemies will despise you, if you look sloppy.

Throughout his life, diligently learn. Every day it becomes more skillful than you were the day previous to and the next day – more skillful than today. Perfection has no finish.

Should not be cavalier with a man who has come to you, even if you are busy.

Be faithful to the current thoughts and not be distracted. Instead of exhausting itself many thoughts follow one, but let it change from moment to moment.

Many talk about themselves – not just useless. At worst, it can give rise to gossip and you will bitterest enemies. Instead it is better to stay at home and think about poetry.

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