People power

People powerIn his project People power they highlighted the strange life of people, endowed with a certain, we can say, a supernatural power, as still a clear explanation of their gift, scientists have not been given.

Mysterious person existed in all ages, but in their own countries they are called in different ways – the prophets, psychics, healers, clairvoyants, magicians, healers. They predict future events, treat people with spells or other mysterious rites and began to speak, teach and perform many other incredible things…

Bucks Shamans of the Great Steppe

Kazakhstan … Endless scorched steppe, herds of fast horses and camel thorn islands … These places have been a crossroads of civilizations. Pagan rituals and beliefs are so closely intertwined with the nomadic way of life that did not disappear even with the adoption of Islam. Wild Energy ancient tribes and still alive in local ceremonies. Shocking, frightening and unchanging. As a folk belief in the magical power of bucks – violent shamans wild steppe.

Guides in the invisible world

Icelanders do not doubt that their icy country inhabited by elves, trolls, dwarves and wizards, and the souls of the dead can easily communicate with the living. Icelander to go to a medium is like a cup of coffee – a common occurrence. To the best come from all over the country, because they know – they can all. Intermediaries between the spirit world and the human world. Icelandic saykiki People power.


Pride of Guatemala – a legacy of the Mayan civilization. Pyramids and hieroglyphics, The Divine doomsday calendar and tragic decline of civilization, bright fabrics and climate of eternal spring – this is the standard set for a foreigner. However, few people know that behind the mask of a smiling beautiful Guatemala lies full of mysticism twilight world of archaic beliefs and customs.

 Talking with the spirits of the Andes

Bolivia … In the Andes, at an altitude of 4000 meters there is one of the most famous lakes in the world – Titicaca. Its southern shore of the adjacent one of the oldest cities in the New World – Tiwanaku. The same name was the entire South American civilization, which originated here before our era. Ancient and glorious culture Tiwanaku was considered already in the time of the Incas. Former population of the city was skilled builders, they erected the walls, fitting the stones so that between them is still impossible to stick and knife. In addition, they have imaginary an amazing acoustic device, repeats the labyrinth of the human ear, with which you can actually hear a whisper at a distance of one mile.

New Moon Shaman

This Tuva, a unique place in the heart of the Eurasian continent. Here until the trains and rarely fly airplanes. A shaman, along with llamas is still – one of the most respected people, without which there is no start any important matter.

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