Killed the dinosaurs series of two strokes

13 Dec

historical event*New dating Deccan Traps (basalt rocks in western India) permitted us to determine the exact time of the beginning of one of the strongest volcanic eruptions in Earth’s history.

*These seismic processes, emissions into the atmosphere a lot of hazardous volatile compounds began 250 thousand years before the fall of the meteorite and lasted half a billion years after it (ultimately poured out half a million square kilometers of lava) – and that they can start the method of catastrophic extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period. The results of the lessons are presented in the journal Science.

*In December 2013 American geologists went to India in search of volcanic rocks with zirconium – containing uranium mineral is formed in the magma soon after the eruption. Zircon can be used as a clock to decide the exact age of the rock. In the area of most forceful volcanic activity, researchers have collected 50 rock samples, with zircon found on the top and bottom of the volcanic layer. Thus, it is possible to date the opening and end of the eruptions.

*Scientists have conducted self-sufficient analysis of the material in two laboratories (at Princeton and MIT) – to improve the objectivity of dating. Age determined by isotope ratio of uranium to lead. It turned out that in the lessons area Traps eruption began 250 thousand years before the asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico and lasted 500,000 years after it. However, it remained unclear whether the lava flowed incessantly, or need to talk about outbreaks of magmatism.

*”The history of the dinosaurs’ destruction acquires new plot twists. Possibly they killed a series of two strokes: volcanoes and asteroid strike, “- said one of the authors of the article Sam Bowring .

*Because of the influential eruptions in the atmosphere were sulfurous gases and other compounds in huge volumes, which could lead to the acidification of the oceans and the destruction of plankton. Scientists are reminded that the volcanic processes have played an essential role in two other mass extinctions in the history of the planet – the Permian and Triassic.

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