Kazakh archaeologists aim to make virtual museum of history

Kazakh archaeologists aimKazakh scientists propose to create a virtual museum of copies of historical artifacts that are stored abroad. This reporter told Tengrinews.kz CEO Research organization Archaeological examination Dmitry Voyakin.

3D-scanning technology, according to the archaeologist, has already been mastered by restricted experts. It allows us to produce a three-dimensional copy identical to the original size and proportions. In the future, the researchers intend to make a practical museum accessible to all Internet users. In addition, the model can be printed on 3D-printer and make them exhibits of traditional museums.

The expert said that the largest and the most significant part of the facilities of Kazakhstan historical values are in museums. There, according to the scientist, the artifacts were taken out for a long time – from the 1930s to the 1990s. Voyakin explained how the exhibits were in foreign museums. The goal is simple – the archaeological research of monuments on the territory of Kazakh SSR. Expedition packs artifacts and exports to the laboratory for further study – sampling, photographing. Then they were in use out in the laboratory of Moscow. After research, they remained there, or transmitted, but not back to the Republic, and were given to museums. Then archaeologists were not foreign, in the Soviet Union – said the archaeologist.

In an article published in the journal Bulletin of diplomacy Voyakin notes that many of the exhibits are stored not only in Russia but also in foreign countries museums. For example, in the French Louvre are unique bronze candlesticks from the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. They were shed in Iran by order of the commander of Tamerlane. By the way, one of the exhibits that occasion was returned to Kazakhstan. They became the so-called Taykazan – a huge ceremonial cauldron, shed out seven valuable metals. For a long time it was kept in a museum inside St. Petersburg.

The expert said that the issue of return of cultural property of Kazakhstan at home, there are many difficulties. This is due to legislative barriers and historical situation. For example, many international agreements established in the Soviet Union, do not apply to independent countries that were formed after the collapse of the Union.

In this case, an archaeologist said that the most total list of exported from Kazakhstan historical values considered work of the famous scientist Alkeya Margulan. There appear 243 subjects. Voyakin stressed that now this list cannot be considered complete. According to experts, the figure of titles it can expand to several thousand. One of the challenges that must be addressed archaeologists during the creation of a virtual museum – to determine what artifacts are stored exterior of Kazakhstan and find out what the museum can provide artifacts for 3D-copy.

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