Discovered the tomb of Queen Maya

26 Dec

Queen MayaThe tomb containing the remains of Mayan Queen Kalomte cable discovered by archaeologists in excavations in the department of the nation of Guatemala, transmit Latin American media.

One of the authors finds archaeologist David Frayldel said that this is the first ruler belonged to the highest aristocracy of the Maya, whose name has been precisely set. He said the opening of the tomb of the most important in his 43-year career-related excavation in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize.

The tomb is located in a sacred place for the Maya, the most important temple of the ancient city, where excavations were conducted, said the archaeologist. Moreover, it was discovered almost by accident. Scientists noticed some subsidence in the area of the large grand staircase of the temple and decided that the inside can be void.

At the burial site found many items of historical value, a variety of vessels, jewelry, plaster images of rulers, and the Queen at a young age.

According to scientists, died Kalomte cable a grown woman, and the period of her life came at the end of 600’s and early 700’s AD.

Maya – a civilization that existed on the territory of present-day Mexico and Central America. She is known for her script, art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems. Most cities civilization reached a peak of development in the years 250-900 BC By the time of arrival of the Spanish conquistadors civilization was in deep decline.

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