The Mysterious of the Bosnian Pyramids

29 Nov

 pyramidsNo one could have likely that in the vicinity of a small Bosnian town of Visoko with the characteristic name is found such a find. In 2005, strange objects spotted in images taken from space, canvasser and enthusiast, doctor of sociology and archeology professor Semir Osmanagich. Having carefully studied the pictures, he decided to get mutually in a way to check their guesses on the spot. 

He was not disappointed, seeing Visocica hill, which on closer inspection turned out to be a pyramid. In the media reports about the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, because no one originally and had no idea that she is not alone. But soon found nearby were two more, which was named Pyramid of the Dragon and Pyramid of the Month.  Then the first of the Bosnian pyramid decided to rename in the pyramid of the Sun, by analogy with the famous Mexican city of Teotihuacan, where the much more famous and visited the pyramids of the Sun, the Moon and the Feathered Serpent.

Find in this archaeological wilderness so grand structure is a miracle. The more they turned three, as in Giza. But the most astonishing was the very process of excavation. These facilities were so old that already overgrown ancient forests. Were the pyramids specifically covered by earth and planted with trees, like the Scandinavian house, the roof of which is specially seeded with grass, bushes and even? Or forest grew due to the peculiarities of the local climate? While on this subject, scientists have not come to a definite conclusion.

Of particular interest to archaeologists have caused frequent intertwined passages. They found, once tried to penetrate deep into the first of the pyramids found. Interconnected tunnels, of course, had an artificial origin, and to perform certain functions. Most of all, it was possible to get from one place to another without leaving the surface – for example, when moving from the outside is unsafe.

Only thanks to the study of tunnels in the first three pyramids were found and others. Just like their predecessors, they were concealed from view under the earth. Archaeologists have found that 30-40 thousand years there was the whole gorge of the pyramids, which formed an isosceles triangle with a side length of 2200 meters.

During excavations, researchers found that the air in the tunnels under the pyramid of the Sun is different from the usual. The sample showed that he actually has an unusual composition and strongly saturated with harmfully charged particles of oxygen. Their number varies according to the location of the tunnel. So, at the entrance of the concentration of particles is nearly one thousand per cubic centimeter of air. And in the depths of the caves, this figure exceeds 50 thousand per cubic centimeter!

Yet found a complex of five pyramids, but perhaps scientists still await discovery. Interestingly, the pyramid of the Sun with its size exceeds even the famous pyramid of Cheops. If we consider that many researchers believe the pyramid energy sources, we can only guess what power has the largest Bosnian pyramid!

Semir Osmanagich drew attention to the fact that the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, China, identical in construction scheme. Interested in the Bosnian pyramids and Russian scientists. For example, an academic and expert on Surveying Khavroshkin Oleg came to the following conclusion: Spectral analysis of noise near the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon indicates the existence of cavities. Seismic structures revealed all their features, in part alike to those of the Egyptian pyramids, including the focus signal on the track basis – the top.

This suggests that deep beneath the base of the pyramid may be numerous underground labyrinths. It turns out that the representatives of ancient civilizations considered it a safer place to live underground. What could put off it owns advanced technology for its time people come to the surface? As long as it remains a mystery. Discoverer of the Bosnian Valley of the pyramids Osmanagich believes that most likely they were damaging effects on the human body, to which it refers radiation and cold climate.

Perhaps the most unknown civilizations arose on Earth even before the Ice Age. And it was not a single global civilization; there were a few, all of which are at different levels of development. It is possible that they had to fight each other. I do not whether nuclear winter has forced people to go down into the tunnels and caves, powerful arches which protects against the dangers? It looks like underground fortifications built everywhere, as it is now building a bomb shelter.

Until now, it is surprising and the technique of building the pyramids. After all, the weight of the blocks from which they are composed, sometimes up to 40 tons … Most scientists puzzling that, according to traditional views, in an era when the Bosnian pyramids were built, the level of development of civilizations still could not be.

If we assume that the ancient Bosnians fear of radiation and hiding from the consequences of repeatedly mentioned in various epic War of the Gods, then perhaps you should not be surprised. People with these problems should have been and related technologies… 

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