The conspiracy theories to decrease the population of the Earth

AlienConspiracy theories concerning the destruction of the world’s residents are associated with the assumption that there is a plan to reduce the people of our planet.

Overpopulation of the Earth, the depletion of natural resources and the evil intent is one of the reasons why any of these theories. And the powers that be decided to just get rid of the unnecessary mouths to ensure its survival. You can decide whether or not to believe in these conspiracy theories about the depopulation of the Earth.

1. Covenant hunger

It is believed that the first conspiracy theory originated in France in the 18th century in connection with the Covenant of hunger. During this period, in many areas there was a lack of French products because of bad weather and poor progress of agriculture. As a result, the price of food and other commodities rose.

Many of those who belonged to the middle or lower class, believed that the aristocracy or other shadowy group regulates the prices of cereals to control the growing population. This led to the flour war – riots and uprisings in the pretentious areas. In the end, the ambiance of distrust and fear gave rise to the French Revolution.

2. The project Human Genome

The project Human Genome is a major international project to decipher the human genome.

However, there is a theory that this project – no more than a front for the eugenicists who are developing methods to eradicate the people they considered inferior and unsuitable for this planet.

According to the theory, the ultimate goal of the project is the identification and elimination of bad genes in the world. Identification of the human genome would create biological weapons for the invisible sterilization and extermination of inferior races.

3. Global warming

The very existence of global warming is the subject of much debate. There are also those who believe that the campaign to curb global warming – it’s just a ploy to implement the program of depopulation.

According to the theory, the campaign in favor of the reduction of fossil fuels and substances harmful to the environment, reduces production and energy worldwide.

This hunger and scarcity created by man, will guide to a worldwide genocide and destruction of the world economy, which will facilitate the introduction of a new world order.

4. Pandemic

We tend to think that a pandemic – a naturally occurring disease outbreaks that have existed since time immemorial. However, there is a theory that the pandemic are far from natural origin, and are in fact an attempt to exterminate the population of the Earth.

For example, it is argued that the Spanish flu, which led to the death of millions of people 20-100 from 1918 to 1920, was nothing more than a scheme to reduce the world’s population.

Moreover, all outbreaks of diseases, including swine flu and Ebola, are considered artificial diseases created by those who want to reduce the population of the world.

5. The Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones, which is also called the American Stonehenge, is a monument, the origin and destination of which remain a mystery.

Towering structure, which is located in Elbert County, Georgia, USA, contains 10 Commandments written in 8 different languages, which are believed to be followed for the welfare of mankind.

However, there is a theory that the monument is a guide for the instigators of the extermination of the world’s population. Thus, in the first commandment says that the Earth’s population should not exceed 500 million in order to stay in constant balance with nature.

Also, supporters believe that the other commandments also support script a new world order.

6. Aliens

According to the defenders of this theory, the New World Order, Illuminati and other organizations are just puppets in the hands of aliens who want to implement a plan of depopulation. Thus, the obliteration of the world’s populace will help them to reduce the resistance when the time comes to take over the world.

Presumably, people who work with them will be saved or rewarded for their efforts.

Proponents believe that aliens are working with these populace, because the era of Nazi Germany, providing those technologies to enslave the rest of the world. When the plan failed, the aliens left in the shade and started to work with other secret groups to exterminate the population of the world.

7. The movie Soylent Green

In the movie Soylent Green, filmed in 1973, the action takes place in 2022, which shows the Earth with the depletion of natural resources and over population. At that time, the rich populace live in secluded enclaves and control all the rest live a life of shortage, hunger and contamination.

The only thing that keeps them, it is commercially produced product of a large business, called Soylent Green. At the end of a officer working on the case of murder, finds that Soylent Green made from the bodies of dead people, which is kept secret by the power.

Despite the fact that it’s only a movie, there is a theory that Soylent Green is an allusion to our future and the scheme, which will prepare us for the inevitable: we will become food for other people.

8. The Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius was created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1963 and is a set of standards for food safety, which countries can follow.

According to conspiracy theories, the code is in fact a plan for the destruction of the world’s population through control over the world’s food resources.

The Code promotes genetically modified foods instead of natural and gradual abandonment of vitamins and minerals.

Presumably, the ultimate goal is the death of 3 billion people through malnutrition and the spread of diseases related to lifestyle.

The Code is also linked to another plan of action adopted by the UN, called Agenda for the XXI Century, which is also considered a conspiracy to create a new world order.

9. Extinction of the white race

According to yet another conspiracy theory white people will die one day. As in the theory of black genocide, for this scenario, there are a variety of methods, such as birth control, mixed marriages, encouraging the inflow of migrants.

It is not surprising that such views are held by those who belong to the group supermassistov who believe that a merger with another nation will lead to the extinction of the white race.

10. Homosexual

Another theory is the use of depopulation with gay people to reduce the world’s population.

Advocacy of such a lifestyle contributes to depopulation, as to prevents procreation and the continuation of the human race.

Also, it is believed that feminism is a malicious attempt to reduce the population of the planet.

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