Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal

giant craterScientists first studied the bottom of a giant funnel on the Yamal Peninsula. They confirmed the preliminary version that the funnel is of natural origin, a correspondent reported. TASS, the press service of the regional government.

November 10  2014 scientists went to the third expedition to the funnel, they were able to take samples of soil and ice. It is 4 km from the pipeline and at a considerable distance from the gas fields. Human activities could not exert any influence on the formation of a failure, – said the press service.

In summer, the scientists could not investigate his bottom because of the constant collapse of the soil. For scientific work of the participants last expedition descended to a depth of 200 meters in a strong wind gusts that reached 20 m / s. Now experts will study the chemical composition of samples.

Scientists do not exclude that in some years the funnel is filled with water and becomes a small lake, which is quite a lot on the Yamal Peninsula. It has been proved that some of them are the result of the formation of such failures soil. However, scientists still do not know the whole principle of their formation, – said the press service.

According to the Chairman of the Presidium of the Tyumen scientific community of the RAS Academician Vladimir Melnikov, a funnel on the Yamal Peninsula formed in 2012 and 2013 as a result of climate warming.

Yamal began to thaw frozen rock. Mostly they become less dense, and they found a way through shale gas, which is found throughout the shelf Subarctic. Presumably, this was the cause of the formation of the funnel, – said the Miller.

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