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The World’s Oldest Picture Frame

Oldest Picture FrameWe might think that displaying framed artwork around our homes and workplaces is a relatively modern notion, but it is, in fact, a process which stretches back thousands of years. Archaeologists working in Egypt discovered an early picture frame dating to the second century AD, making it almost 2,000.

Within this wooden frame, uncovered in Hawara, a portrait was found to still be visible showing a fayum mummy. Historians and archaeologists believe that it is possible these portraits were displayed in the homes of prominent individuals, then moved into their funeral spaces after death alongside other possessions and treasures. In this way, portraits and their frames were a display of wealth and status.

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Person’s sends a kiss to her partner of 80 million bacteria

When a person sends a kiss to her partnerDutch researchers have found out that if only one 10-second kiss a man sends his partner of 80 million bacteria that live in his mouth. The researchers made this conclusion after watching 21 a pair.

It was found that in the mouth of a person 700 different species of living bacteria, but some of them are transmitted through the saliva more active, more – less. French Kiss – a perfect example of the transfer of a giant number of bacteria in a short time – the researchers note. Read the rest of this entry »

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Great mysteries of the soul

history In 2014, Professor Robert Lantz School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, said that there is no death. The physicist is ready to current the world is verification that the afterlife is not just a religious concept and our survival does not end with the death of the physical body. Death of the body only a stage, after which the subsequent transition to a different state. Immediately after his sensational statement Professor Lanz gave an exclusive interview.

Are souls of the dead can indeed is the world’s people, among the living? And if this is true, this means the death of the human body – life does not end? Read the rest of this entry »

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Over 700 houses and social facilities Kyrgyzstan damaged

Over 700 houses

Over 700 houses and community facilities of the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan were injured Friday during a 7-point earthquake, told RIA Novosti on Monday, spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic. Early in the morning on Friday in northern Kyrgyzstan earthquake of magnitude 5.6.

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Cargo delivery from China sea

transport As most entrepreneurs, faced with the shipping – China leads the world in terms of the manufacture of its products, particularly durable goods. Many domestic entrepreneurs trying to set up close ties and profitable partnership. However, to set up favorable conditions of the contract with the Chinese partners is half the battle, great importance should be given a proper method of delivery of cargo in Russia.

Delivery of large and small cargo by sea from China – one of the priority service that provides customers with a customs broker Cango . We are ready to deliver extremely any goods, including the entire container and LCL. Read the rest of this entry »

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Secrets of the world: Ashes of divine fire

mysteriousMillions of people around the world believe soda exclusive tool for many diseases. It is believed that it was synthesized in 1861, but there is confirmation that soda was familiar to the ancient alchemists and healers, who called her the ashes of divine fire.

In 2005, researchers from Harvard University have exposed a previously unknown manuscript Kenya eminent German scientist and alchemist Albertus Magnus. These were the diaries in which naturalist record their experiences. Having studied these manuscripts experts were amazed. Shortly before his death in 1280, Albert the Great worked to create an elixir of youth, who was trying to make some of the powder. But what was this stuff? Read the rest of this entry »

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Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal

giant craterScientists first studied the bottom of a giant funnel on the Yamal Peninsula. They confirmed the preliminary version that the funnel is of natural origin, a correspondent reported. TASS, the press service of the regional government.

November 10  2014 scientists went to the third expedition to the funnel, they were able to take samples of soil and ice. It is 4 km from the pipeline and at a considerable distance from the gas fields. Human activities could not exert any influence on the formation of a failure, – said the press service. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scientists get ready to board a space probe to the comet

SpaceScientists Aerospace Centre in Cologne, as well as the Scientific steering center in Toulouse, France, as well as specialists Space Operations Centre of the European Space Agency are preparing for the unique event – tomorrow for the first time in the history of space probes from Earth to board a comet, which is located at a distance of 500 million miles away from our planet.

Now experts in the field of space research conducted last preparations. RT conducts live coverage of the research centers. Read the rest of this entry »

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The most attractive woman age eyed men

mysterious Scientists from the University of Turku in Finland conducted a study and found a woman’s age men find most nice-looking.It was found that the peak flowering of female attractiveness eyed men account for the intermission from 23 to 28 years. Ideal – 24-25 years.

According to experts, this choice is greatly prejudiced by the work of evolutionary mechanisms: 25 years – the age at which the peak of female fertility, it is expected to conceive the most high.Interestingly, the women, according to another survey, regard as it their most sexual age 34, the most gorgeous, they also feel after thirty years, and become the most stylish and then later. Read the rest of this entry »

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The most famous photos of ghosts

mysteriousMany people are skeptical and do not believe that ghosts really exist, or, especially, may appear  in the photographs. But the stories are a few cases when the photographs from diverse years appeared vague outlines of faces and figures of people.

Many of them were seen in the first half of the twentieth century, when no template existed. So what was it really? Fans of esoteric  sure that spirits of the dead, and rationalists argue that this is just a expression of the light. But better make up their minds about these strange phenomena: here a selection of the most famous photos Ghosts. Read the rest of this entry »

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