Life in two dimensions

LIFEA man’s life can be divided into two phases – a dream and reality. With reality are all iliar, it surrounds us, when we do not sleep, daily activities and think that here it is real life. But few people thought likely that the same is a dream, it’s an alternative reality or an illusion created by the brain during the holidays.

Since ancient times, dreams attributed mystical properties. Some have argued that dreams are a journey into the future or the past, others have argued that in dreams “are spirits”, others argue that the dream is only part of the process occurring in the human body, but is that I now try to understand.

Firstly, if we consider the person as a conventional unit of the universe, living in space-time, it is possible that it is an integral part of the exchange of information between all parts of the cosmos. I will assume that within each body has a finely tuned mechanism of this information and energy exchange, I call it soul will. Due probably your device and the state of the form, it can directly interact with the space surrounding us.

This reaction occurs in the off time block while constraining its reality, so as not to collapse has occurred, and the system does not understand one reality intermingles with the other, since the human brain is hardly able to process at the current level of development. Perhaps nature has a special lock, which is responsible for protection from the overload of information, in those periods, yet he did not evolutionarily prepared to accept two realities simultaneously.

Digress and explain a little bit. In the universe, everything is made in the image and principles of interaction, living in it all the same. That is the evolutionary potential of each unit was originally conceived and built with the emergence of space-time. As stars evolve and people evolve.

When the step of forming a stage of evolution comes to an end, and then undergoing major changes, accompanied by various tragic events like the stars, and humans. I suppose that in the universe and the evolution of the program is also laid on the timing, this probably explains the creation of the Mayan calendar. Just as an example of people this can be explained as follows, my personal opinion that if you imagine the Earth and its peoples as atoms, then the evolutionary transition from one species to another, most usually was degraded and breaks down into various elements, and part is transformed into a new, thanks to those elements that have broken up.

That is, at any evolutionary leap, the conversion occurs only in those who meet the new energy type of education. It’s actually easy to understand, if considered as an example of man and star as equal elements of the universe.

Let us return to dreams, and so, I believe that dreams are the same reality, but beyond that one time. That is, a person exists simultaneously in several dimensions iousnes� hs`�W ��9 tially the same person, but living in another time frame for the development it needs a long time to our dimension.

Perhaps these processes just described reincarnations. The mechanism of evolution is the same for everyone, but in different time frames, so that the soul evolves too, but for a longer time, that stars such as billions of years. So the concept of time is relative. If you learn how to use the functions of the brain at rest, you get the picture lucid dreams, as they are called. That is, it is controlled by the exchange of information (life) in another breathing space-time.

So often dreams are prophetic, given the scale of the universe and the unequal over time, then, paradoxically if to make a trip, for example, to Sirius and read information from the general field of the Earth about the universe, we can know the prospect, because the world is already an event happened. Perhaps therein lies the answer to the riddle of seers and soothsayers.

This may explain the phenomenon of the dead, who warn and warn against what is, but when you consider that the lifetime of the soul tends to infinity, then dies only person who acts as a carrier of the main types of life energy – spirit. Information obtained at different stages of the existence of the man-spirit remains in the memory of the universe, as well as the remains boundless medium soil.

Most likely, therefore, sometimes in dreams we experience some moments of past lives, in fact, is what we call memories. That is a dream – it is the existence of another reality with the ability to connect to the shared information space. I would venture to suggest that the mechanism laid down not only in humans, but also in extraterrestrial life forms in the theory. If we assume that the information from the ancient sources true, then these extraterrestrial visitors have knowledge of, and directly convey them to the people, explaining the laws of the universe. Of course, over time it has acquired various forms and interpretations, which can radically distort reality.

Just say that probably residence also has a soul, I think she is tied to a specific area of the energy center of the universe, perhaps to the stars, and then to galaxies. Therefore, there is no mixing of different kinds of living beings at different levels in the same system. This may explain the strange, sometimes in dreams, when we communicate clearly with the unearthly forms, not just in the system are that’s all.

Also, I deduction, as on Earth, where there are dangerous places, so each represented the essence of the spirit, located on the higher levels of evolution in the universe, in order to warn and help in the event of erroneous and uncontrolled access to unwanted sites. In Christianity, they are called guardian angel

To summarize to  say that the proper use of dreams, or rather simultaneously conscious of living in different time frames, could significantly affect the future evolution of human consciousness, as a catalyst in this procedure

My opinion is that finite existence as a spirit without a carrier, is one of the last stages of evolution, close to the higher forms of development. And to this path took place in accordance with the laws of the universe and the principles of development, and the “vessel” should gradually evolve, moving to more and more new stage.

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