Cave Lake Melissani

cave MilissaniOn the island of  Kefalonia greece, is a cave Milissani. In its center you can see the underground lake, striking in its beauty.

The antique Greeks believed that leave housing nymphs. In 1951, Giannis shepherd noticed an amazing body of water by accident. He found the figures of Pan, the patron of nature and the shepherds, in one of the caves. Nearby lay a disc of clay with the image of beautiful dancing girls. According to the legend, one of these beauties Рnymph Melissa РPan loved that wept in the lake all her tears, being rejected. More prosaic version offers scientists believe that the cause of schooling on the island of  Kalefornia underground reservoir Рthe dissolution of rock

Pond water Рturquoise and transparent Рmade up half of the sea, half of the fresh water. First, before we get into Melissani goes means over  deepness on the contradictory side of the island, overcoming the distance of fourteen miles.

The top of the cave was destroyed by an earthquake about 4,000 years ago. Now freely penetrate inside the sun’s rays reach the bottom, located at a depth of 15 Meter

To perceive the lake, you must walk down the wood stairs to the cell, then go through the tunnel to the pier where boats are available for everyone. When floats on the surface of the crystal water, there is the impression that you soar in flimsiness.

The the majority favorable time for a visit – a bright sunny day, when the beauty of this magical place of the most spectacular. Entrance fee is seven euros, also have the opportunity to sit in a cafe and buy some souvenirs.

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