Archaeologist translates book of strange rituals and spells

 translated bookAncient Tome supposedly written by the legislative body of one of the early Christian sects appeared guide to strange rituals and spells. About the book whose content is no less mysterious than the origin told by specialists from Australia.

Sethianism, or followers of Set – Gnostic sect that existed at the crossroads of antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Network – one of the biblical patriarchs, the third son of Adam and Eve, and Jesus Christ was believed themselves sectarians. According to Dr. Malcolm Chota, a historian at the University of Macquarie, it siphoning wrote mystical book, whose title translates as The Benefit of ritual power.

Unusual creation nameless author in Coptic in words and figures the reader through the various magical rites. The book contains a wide range of spells and ritual actions that will help to heal from disease, to banish evil spirits and even bewitch the right person.

Strange-looking Talmud consists of 20 pages and is made of parchment. Surely we can say that the book is the birthplace of the territory of Upper Egypt 7-8 centuries AD.

Folio since 1981 kept in the museum of the ancient cultures Macquarie University in Sydney (Museum of Ancient Cultures), since the book was purchase from a collector named Michael Fakelman. As it was in Fakelmana and where he kept, historians before unknown.

The book begins a long series of flowery prayers, which are then replaced by drawings and spells – Dr. Choate wrote in his book called Coptic guide to the supernatural power of ritual A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power.

Coptic rituals are domestic in nature and are not afraid of their sophistication. Thus, the reader may be asked to recite a prayer over a pair of iron nails, and then to drive them in the door jamb, one on each side. According to scientists, one of the longest spells aimed at healing from common diseases – infectious jaundice leptospirosis.

It is curious that the book was written in Egypt during early Christianity. On the pages there are references to the name of Jesus Christ, in the mythology Seth sifian. In one of the lines explicitly states: Seth, Seth, the living Christ.

In addition, the book contains the name of an unknown, but a divine figure, a kind of Baktioty.

This dual personality. It seems that Baktiota represents great power and a major in the material world, – explains Dr. Choate.

Academic especially fascinated the question of who could be a user of the book. Official Church considered heretics sifiatov, and in the 7th century AD, they have become quite scarce.

Surely we cannot say, but apparently it was one associated with mysticism and has no official spiritual dignity. Because of the persecution of people prefer not to advertise their magical activities – says Choate. 

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