The Most Famous in the History of Curses

cursesThe belief in omens and spirits, or far left as a child, or expressed in over the left shoulder and three-time rapping on wood, no more. But sometimes happens is that you begin to understand that everything in the world, there is something from which fails to protect or call the police, or traumatic gun under the pillow or communications in the higher echelons of power.

1. Curse of Otzi

In 1991, a group of climbers went to conquer one of the Alpine peaks in the Otztal Valley, found in the ice half vmerzshie human remains. Deciding that it was one of the victims of avalanches and blizzards, climbers have learned body with ice axes and sent to the morgue. Continue reading “The Most Famous in the History of Curses”

Scarab – a holy sign of Egypt

ScarabMysterious Scarab in Ancient Egyptian – Khepera. The same name – Khepri – wore the rising sun god, the creator of the earth and man, is portrayed as a man or as a scarab beetle with a head.

Why the scarab did was the sign and personification of the sun god? People saw: just pass on the way a herd of horses, leaving behind heaps of manure – and then go fly a swarm of black beetles. Each of them begins to wield hard legs, head and full body, clinging manure balls that plus extra, and heavier than the preponderance of the pest. Continue reading “Scarab – a holy sign of Egypt”

The Mysterious of the Bosnian Pyramids

 pyramidsNo one could have likely that in the vicinity of a small Bosnian town of Visoko with the characteristic name is found such a find. In 2005, strange objects spotted in images taken from space, canvasser and enthusiast, doctor of sociology and archeology professor Semir Osmanagich. Having carefully studied the pictures, he decided to get mutually in a way to check their guesses on the spot. 

He was not disappointed, seeing Visocica hill, which on closer inspection turned out to be a pyramid. In the media reports about the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, because no one originally and had no idea that she is not alone. But soon found nearby were two more, which was named Pyramid of the Dragon and Pyramid of the Month.  Continue reading “The Mysterious of the Bosnian Pyramids”

Cave Lake Melissani

cave MilissaniOn the island of  Kefalonia greece, is a cave Milissani. In its center you can see the underground lake, striking in its beauty.

The antique Greeks believed that leave housing nymphs. In 1951, Giannis shepherd noticed an amazing body of water by accident. He found the figures of Pan, the patron of nature and the shepherds, in one of the caves. Nearby lay a disc of clay with the image of beautiful dancing girls. Continue reading “Cave Lake Melissani”

The Mystery of The Missing Stars Discourages Scientists

StarsThe discovery of a large number of missing stars – not such a rare phenomenon that has long puzzled astronomers. New observations made with the space telescope Hubble, denied previous hypothesis apparent disappearance of a huge number of stars. Continue reading “The Mystery of The Missing Stars Discourages Scientists”

How do animals know the world?

animalsIf people are to differentiate odors use their nostrils, which are chemo receptors  the deprived noses octopus, butterflies and other animals found other, often bizarre, ways to perceive the aromas and flavors of the world.

1. Toothbrush for the nose

For example, the whole body of the Oregon shore crab did not find anything that would resemble the nose. However, this does not mean that these arthropods devoid of smell. Crabs are used to distinguish the smell of hair next to the oral cavity, which looks like a toothbrush. Continue reading “How do animals know the world?”

Double planet

twin earthDouble planets like to Earth in size, which revolve around each other, there may be near distant stars, the researchers say. Most of the planets in our system have their own satellites. Our neighbors such as Saturn and Jupiter, for example, have more than seventy satellites.

Without looking at it, these satellites are generally much smaller than their planet – Earth almost four times bigger than its satellite, and more than eighty times heavier. Continue reading “Double planet”

Life in two dimensions

LIFEA man’s life can be divided into two phases – a dream and reality. With reality are all iliar, it surrounds us, when we do not sleep, daily activities and think that here it is real life. But few people thought likely that the same is a dream, it’s an alternative reality or an illusion created by the brain during the holidays.

Since ancient times, dreams attributed mystical properties. Some have argued that dreams are a journey into the future or the past, others have argued that in dreams “are spirits”, others argue that the dream is only part of the process occurring in the human body, but is that I now try to understand. Continue reading “Life in two dimensions”

The conspiracy theories to decrease the population of the Earth

AlienConspiracy theories concerning the destruction of the world’s residents are associated with the assumption that there is a plan to reduce the people of our planet.

Overpopulation of the Earth, the depletion of natural resources and the evil intent is one of the reasons why any of these theories. And the powers that be decided to just get rid of the unnecessary mouths to ensure its survival. You can decide whether or not to believe in these conspiracy theories about the depopulation of the Earth. Continue reading “The conspiracy theories to decrease the population of the Earth”

Archaeologist translates book of strange rituals and spells

 translated bookAncient Tome supposedly written by the legislative body of one of the early Christian sects appeared guide to strange rituals and spells. About the book whose content is no less mysterious than the origin told by specialists from Australia.

Sethianism, or followers of Set – Gnostic sect that existed at the crossroads of antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Network – one of the biblical patriarchs, the third son of Adam and Eve, and Jesus Christ was believed themselves sectarians. According to Dr. Malcolm Chota, a historian at the University of Macquarie, it siphoning wrote mystical book, whose title translates as The Benefit of ritual power. Continue reading “Archaeologist translates book of strange rituals and spells”