What to visit in Berlin

18 Oct

BerlinThere are a few things that you should visit in Berlin , if you are planning a trip in the future. From beautiful landscapes to historic buildings, you will find plenty of attractions in Berlin that will stop you breathing.

1. Berlin Philharmonic

Despite the fact that sometimes it can be hard to get a ticket to the event, you will not be disappointed if you are still lucky enough to get there. With the amazing acoustics and unique design, the building gives a rich sound, as much as possible.

2. The gardens of Potsdam

By the middle of the gardens is a large fountain. There are several small fountains in the park. When you walk along the paths, you’ll be listening to the birds singing and see the beautiful flowers. You can spend all day just watching the beauty of nature. On the territory there is a palace garden. Best time to visit during the week when the place is not as crowded.

3. The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a popular attraction for many tourists and locals. This is the place where you can shed tears, remembering the symbolism of the gates to the city. Try to visit the sights of the night. Illumination provides special beauty and the best time for photography.

4. Holocaust Memorial

Lots of talk about this memorial is not necessary, as the name speaks for itself. This gloomy place where buried hundreds, if not thousands, of people killed during the Holocaust. The visitor center is located underground, which has more information about the events that unfolded during this time.

5. The Olympic Stadium

If you want to see a massive playing field, then visit the stadium. This is the place where many football games and other sporting events. Its history began in 1936, when it was built for the Olympic Games.

6. Berlin Cathedral

Protestant Cathedral – one of the most famous buildings in Berlin. The mural on the outside of the church is simply stunning. Inside the beautifully built an altar. Below the main floor is the grave of the former royal family of Germany.

7. Berlin Zoo

If you are looking for entertainment for the family, the Berlin Zoo – the best choice. This is a large, one of the oldest zoos in Germany with many animals from around the world (there are about 14 000 animals). Many of them live in the open air, so you get stunning views of how animals live. The most popular animals – the polar bear. The zoo is located around the stalls, cafes and souvenir shops.

8. Palace of Tears

A small museum, it is full of the rich history of Germany. You will need a few hours to explore the museum all, so this is a good place to visit when there is rain. It describes the history of the Cold War and the detailed information about how people tried to flee from Berlin when it was divided.

In addition to these there are in Berlin and other great attractions, of which more detail you can read here .


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