Secrets of the World – The Air I Breathe

The Air I BreatheHaiyang – Typhoon unobtrusive power that hit the Philippines on November 9, 2013. Claimed the lives of several thousand people. His strength was enough to destroy in a few minutes to the base of several port cities. Wind speed was unimaginable values – 300 km / h.

A typhoon struck the shore with a wave of five-story building. Meteorologists say that Haiyang was the most powerful and unpredictable weather phenomenon in the history of meteorological observations!

Modern researchers have put forward the hypothesis sensational – air may behave like a living creature. This phenomenon is not just experienced meteorologists who study the behavior of hurricanes and typhoons.

The gases that make up the Earth’s atmosphere, are able to change the charge of the atoms and converted into other chemical elements. This means that air can take any form. The atmosphere of our planet is ideal for such metamorphoses.

Composition of air:

78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen. The percentage of other gases, carbon dioxide, helium, argon and krypton in the atmosphere is less than 1%. But which of these components contains a mysterious formula that allows us to uncover the greatest mystery of the air? Many researchers believe that the answer to this question must be sought in the history of the emergence of the atmosphere itself. As she appeared? And why now the air is just such a structure, and not the other?

– Is it true that the ancient Slavs possessed the secret of materialization of the air?

– As the air affects our lives?

– As air elements rescued pilots FSB from certain death?

– For the first time all breeds secret expedition to Antarctica Russian spies.

– Where are the mirages of the past?

– Who sends to humanity hurricanes?

– Can be typhoon intelligent being?

– What is the secret of many thousands of hidden inhabitants of Easter Island?

– How to breathe helps to lose weight?

– Shocking hypothesis, scientists: why the dinosaurs died? And as the unusual properties of air are associated with the emergence of life on Earth?

– As air elements impact on our lives?

– The formula eternal youth: what is the secret of proper breathing?

– Who sends us hurricanes?

– As the air appeared on Earth?

– May the air to influence the control of the development of life on Earth?

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