The first time in the world made daily timetable genes

ScientistsExamined the temporary map genes work in mice. The map shows the change in the activity of several thousand genes within 12 days in the different organs.

Such temporal atlas of gene activity will be very useful to identify the time of day that will most effectively work these or other medications.

The  diurnal cycle of the genes determines the cycles of all organs and systems of the body – our organic clock. 43% of mouse genes alter the activity during the day, respectively,  and changing the amount of proteins which these genes code for.

But the majority interesting – the researchers found that for most drugs,  genes are targets, change the daily activity. This was confirmed in  56 of the 100 blockbuster drugs and for 119 of the 250 drugs from the list of essential medicines, WHO.

It becomes clear why the drug can act differently depending on the time of reception. At different times of the day are changing their efficiency, metabolism and toxicity.

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