In Hawaii to a settlement approaching lava flow

10 Oct

LavaThe river of lava erupted on June 27 Hawaiian volcanos Kilauea, in the next two weeks can approach the locality Pahoa. According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, stream on June 27 – so called river of lava – moving at a speed of 119 meters per day.

Some residents of Pahoa independently from their homes, although a formal order of evacuation was not.

Lava can also override the highway number 130, which is the only way of connecting with the outside world Pahoa. Last Tuesday the stream of June 27 was at a distance of 2.6 kilometers from the highway. In connection with such a threat in the county of Hawaii has already started the construction of the road reserve.

Crater Puu oo woke up in 1983. Then spew lava flow covered the 214 infrastructure projects. The outpouring of lava from Puu oo continues.

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