In Antarctica, found a huge tunnel

mysteriousResearchers in England found in glacial subglacial tunnels gigantic proportions. Height channels slowness over 100 kilometers is 250 meters. Geologists were able to recognize them under  a kilometer layer of ice with a radar scan. Details are presented in the article the researchers, published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The discovery was made by the study of satellite images data, and radar scanning the investigated area. On the pictures taken from orbit, scientists noticed riverbed channels to the naked eye, in spite of the enormous thickness of the layer of ice that covers them.

Radar scan, which was conducted by experts from the aircraft, helped to identify in the same places of emptiness, which reach heights of 250 meters and the data channels on the land consistent with the data of the channel situated beneath the ice shelf.

Point of tunnels, according to the researchers, ends up in a place where the continental glacier steadily move in the shelf, and where its origins long recess on the ocean floor. Careful attention flows under the ice shelves, scientists are paying now in view of the fact that they play a key role in the melting of ice. The authors emphasize the opening shift scientists understanding of the real structure of the glaciers of Antarctica. Ice Shelf considered before flying on a relatively thin layer of water, the new information is the same indicates that the water under the ice is not simply inactive layer. More accurate to think it as an active medium, washed himself bed and tunnels, as is generally done the river.

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