Hot lava from Kilauea volcano is close to settlements

27 Oct

natureHawaiian authorities ordered residents of Puna to be ready to empty. Hot lava from Kilauea volcano again impending the settlements. A danger to human life is also smoke from forest fires and a large awareness of sulfur dioxide in the air.

Kilauea volcano is measured the youngest in Hawaii and the most lively in the world. This is not the highest of the five volcanoes on the island, but the locals believe that it is on top of Kilauea volcano goddess Pele lives, and lava flowing out – it’s her tears.

Lava flow, quickly moving to one of the Hawaiian Islands, threatens the safety of local communities and infrastructure. According to experts, because of the high rate of faction of the fiery river on the big island of the Hawaiian group, and its massiveness, the lava could soon reach the residential areas of the city Pahoa. Since June 27, when the Kilauea volcano erupted, which launched the fiery stream of lava made its way to 11 kilometers. In the last 48 hours she made a breakthrough similar to the length of the five football fields.

Scientists and representatives of civil protection are closely monitoring the condition, but local authorities are by now preparing for the inevitable meeting with a devastating natural disaster, reports ABC News. According to a representative of the local civil defense Darryl Oliveira, from lava may suffer property of about 10 thousand. Residents of the island. At the same time, when it gets to the flow of homes, is still unknown.

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