Great Mysteries of the Apocalypse

19 Oct

mysteriousIt is possible that the commanding supreme mind or that great civilization that created once the first person, as a parent – scrutinise us from the side, but a second before the tragedy will not remain indifferent…

It is measured that the mass extinctions, there are two chief scenarios: either the planet heats up to temperatures incompatible with life, or cool down, turning into a big ball of ice. Scientists have planned that before the first global extinction, about 600,000,000 years ago, Earth was frozen almost to the equator. Recently, however, a new, even more sensational hypothesis..:

By studying the causes and consequences of global extinctions, the experts noted that the big extinction of animals in the line of history are distributed very unevenly. And yet – a global catastrophe on Earth characterized by a certain periodicity. This led researchers to the bold assumption: that if such, events are not associated with holding the planet, and with some extraterrestrial influence?

Australian scientists only just published the results of their research. They have mutual the speed of activity of the solar system around the galactic center with the fossil record of the Earth and got sensational results. It turned out that every time when our planet passes through the spiral arms of the Milky Way, there were main extinctions of living organisms, and this was repeated at least eleven times, including the extinction of the dinosaurs.

So what is happening on the planet? After all, the world has not recently been global catastrophes with irreparable consequences, and people are desperate to take measures to preserve rare species of animals and plants. But why do they still continue to disappear?

Some researchers explain these processes in that the amount of earth dwellers approached the critical point and the planet itself, protests against overpopulation, freeing yourself from unnecessary burdens.

Possibly the world will not prevent a break from the man. Small wonder that in current times there are natural cataclysms. As if our planet is sick of its inhabitants, which it did not cherish and if pushed humanity to self-destruction. As an example, the researchers cite the accident at the nuclear power plant Fokusima, after the strongest tsunami in Japan. This dangerous object is not affected by the devastating waves, it summed up the straight electricity…

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