Great Mysteries: Life in the Universe

mysteriuosScientists advise that the mind can build up not only in the biological body. The most exotic hypotheses allow the occurrence of intelligence in the following types: field and plasma shape – is specters and fireballs. In this case there is probably a universal reason and planetary noosphere. She and the information field of the Earth or the collective unconscious. Perhaps for him does not even survive our usual criteria – “good” and “evil”

In 1897, KE Tsiolkovsky deduced formulas associated rapidity missiles, its mass and momentum of the fuel. And after 6 years proved that a rocket apparatus able to make a space flight. The scientific community has met this idea stony silence.

Today, building rockets almost repeats Tsiolkovsky drawings created over a hundred years ago. The main work of the scientist – the study of outer space rocket appliances, was published in 1903. For more than half a century before Gagarin’s flight, a man with a lack of academic education and knowledge, was able to describe in detail these complex devices …

Submission of scientists about the universe changed dramatically in recent years. Moreover, new confirmation received theory that life itself originated not on Earth. It was first expressed Nobel laureates Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel. They wrote that four billion years ago, life was brought to Earth, maybe even by the will of sentient beings. Scientists have even pointed out a place where to find the family home of these creatures.

With each passing day it becomes a more and more confirmation of UFO sightings and activity. Some witnesses even claim to have seen coming out of them humanoid. As regards these messages? If we suppose that at least some of these stories – true, to us a long time already arrived. Those who are older than us – already solved the problem of space distances, and fuel sources, and the damaging radiation. How did they do that, we even can not imagine. Perhaps when meeting we also fail to understand their goals and objectives. Probably so with us yet and do not go to the unlock contact …

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