Finding aliens

 alienMany years of science say Aliens do not exist. Man is the crown of the universe.  And any scientist who decided to speculate on the subject, automatically fall into the category of those who are not all at home. But then, a few years ago launched the first orbiting telescope and turned out incredible. It turns out that we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of planets on which life is possible. If this statement is a scientific fact, it’s frightening to imagine – it turns out that aliens really exist.

For a long time chasing aliens, humanity. Look for scientists seeking military and sometimes such searches bring truly sensational results …  That’s what happened in 1995, when it would seem indisputable humanity first received confirmation that they have and we can see them together.

Now scientists are struggling to create a super powerful telescope, with the super modern antenna system, which will allow a detailed look at the distant stars. By some estimates, it can capture objects at a distance of up to one hundred light years. But while science is looking for ways to solve this technical problem has come from space signal, which makes it clear exactly – we are in the universe are not alone.

Astronomer Ragbir Bhatal at the University of Western Sydney Eng. University of Western Sydney for decades engaged in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Every night he went to the observation deck and watched the cosmos. In the end, his efforts were rewarded. One day he received a strange light signal clearly extraterrestrial origin. He was like a laser flash. Apparently the signal was sent to the previously discovered planet Gliese 581 g.

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