Ebola: Penza placed in quarantine 24 people exposed to suspicious African

Ebola VirusPenza for student teacher training the University of Nigeria, who was hospitalized with suspected Ebola was quarantined, 24 people. It also foreign students who allegedly communicated with infected, told reporters the chief doctor of the Penza regional clinical centers specialized types of medical care Sergei Ribalkin.

Although later Suspected cases in 22-year-old Nigerian was not confirmed, the hospital is still waiting for test results – they will be ready before October 30, said Ribalkin. Included in the contact circle, foreign students are quarantined in a separate room and not attend classes, he said. The patient’s condition has improved in recent years, said chief epidemiologist Valentine Kalinin area.

African student was hospitalized on Monday. In the area, he arrived on 17 October. In the conduct preventive measures to prevent skidding of the most dangerous infections.

According to the WHO on 25 October, the number of infected in the world has exceeded 10 thousand people. The overwhelming number of people pick up an infection, accounted for three countries – Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. In Nigeria, Senegal and other countries were cases of importation of the virus from the above countries, the TASS.

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