Earthly traces of aliens

mysteriousYou can, of course, do not believe that for fairly a long time the Earth is visited by aliens. But how then to explain the origin of the result made by people in this or that part of the world?

In Denmark

A skull found on the Danish island of Zealand, was a huge eye sockets.In 2007, on the Danish island of Zealand was found a bizarre skull. His work found in the village Olstikke. In one of the houses was a repair drainpipe. First, the worker thought it was part of a horse’s skeleton. However, looked more closely, he realized that judgment resembles a human skull.

This skull once was in the hands of scientists. Carbon analysis showed that the skull belonged to creatures to have lived between 1200 and 1280 years. Among the old pipes, where they found him, he was not before 1900. Only then, in this village has its first conduit. Probably originally skull was found much previous and in another place. It stored somewhere, and then hid where and found in 2007.

In the Graduate School of Veterinary Copenhagen concluded that the skull belongs to a mammal. However, scientists have not been able to determine its place in the system of classification of Carl Linnaeus.

The skull was approximately 1.5 times the human. The most feature feature of his eye sockets was huge. Apparently, the eyes being able to see well in the dark. According to scientists, the smooth surface of the skull suggests that the creature was well adapted to living in a cold environment.

Found in Denmark skull – still one of the major mysteries in the history of anthropology. He clearly does not belong to any known on Earth, and really at the same time remotely resembles a human skull. The most common version of its origin – is alien stranger, maybe even a mutant or a guest from a parallel world.

In Bulgaria

Bulgarian finds. No one can not yet determine the animal it was, or the man?

In May 2001, a resident of the city of Plovdiv Roman Genchev in the Eastern Rhodopes mysterious skull was found. Journalists called it the Bulgarian rarity. The size of the skull does not exceed the size of the baby’s head. It weighed only 250 grams, in other words, the bone of the skull was very easy.

Dr. Daniel Peshev, an expert on development and comparative anatomy of the Sofia University, conducted a complete analysis of the phenomenon and concluded that animal skull with a similar device in the world never existed. Radiologist Professor Angel Tomov also analyzed the find, and came to the conclusion that such a construction of the skull has no analogues in terrestrial vertebrates.

The main and most characteristic feature is the presence of a mysterious finds a bone lid covering the top of the skull. The cover consists of two parts and linked to the dome via the main central ridge and the complex calluses. Save only the front part of the skull with traces of smooth cut back.

As soon as the media reported on the bizarre discovery, Roman Genchev began to receive numerous offers, mostly from abroad, for the sale of the skull. And he was presented an astronomical sum. Since then, more than 10 years. No new information about the Bulgarian old-timers yet. However, this situation is typical for cases when it comes to discoveries that could radically change our understanding of the world in which we live.

In Peru

Recently in Peru were found the leftovers of two strange humanoid creatures with huge heads.

– She looks like an alien – so speaks about his find Renato Riquelme, an anthropologist at the museum in the city of Cusco. He discovered the remains of the south of Peru, near the famous Nazca with its gigantic drawings.

The head of the mummy of the first huge, from the chin to the crown – 50 centimeters. Hollow is much wider than that of ordinary people. Skull strong pull back. In the right eye socket of a skull supposedly keep some ocular substance. So there is hope that it will be likely to analyze its DNA.

The length of the second mummy – about 30 centimeters along with the head. Apparently this is an untimely baby. However, his teeth – as in the adult, and benevolent – open, not overgrown as a baby.

According to Riquelme, to help him to carry on research came three anthropologists from Spain and Russia. They also allegedly admitted that the mystery remains belong not to people. Perhaps this mummy alien. At least one – who larger.

– Recognize that this assumption is as extravagant – adds Riquelme. – But it is obvious that rough did not match any of the ethnic groups living on our planet.

In Russia

In summer 2006, a pensioner Tatyana Murachinskaya with her husband and friends went swimming at a occupation in the village Ponds Guard District, Kaliningrad Oblast. She went to the shallow water in the sand, and saw a strange naked. Tatiana Makarovna it raised – and in her hands was a fossil that resembles a skull.

Houses pensioner well measured his friend. Do fossils were orbit and holes in place of the nose. The skull itself was in the shape of a rhombus, and where living beings are placed ears, this skull had holes. Local journalists seem even spotted the remains of the cervical spinal column.

Science at this time is not attracted in finding. As for Tatiana Makarovna, it is sure that it is the skull of a humanoid, lovingly called him Orion and saves as the apple of his eye.

Relatively recently in the Astrakhan region during excavations near the village Samosdelka archaeologists discovered an strange skull. He looks like a man, but for high resolution. His bones are thinner than us, and rougher to the touch.

The skull belonged Cyclops

According to experts, the frontal bone of the skull is collected of two parts, and the person she is whole. Furthermore, the amount of marrow in the holder of the skull is much higher than in man.

The finding that sparked substantial debate among scientists. Some researchers believe that this skull has an extraterrestrial origin.

There is even more startling discovery. For example, in Big Bento-Country (Texas) cave was discovered, and it remains unknown to the ancient creatures. His skull had only one eye socket in the center of the forehead. Scientists have estimated the weight of Cyclops, 300 pounds, and height – 2.5 meters.

Many urologists believe that such genetic abnormalities – is perhaps the results of experiments that were carried out by aliens.

Aliens – the masters of waters, as they called their ancient people – is unlikely to enter into direct sexual contact with the inhabitants of the earth. Rather, they performed artificial insemination, introducing into the human ovum its genetic material.

On the other hand, if aliens really flew to visit us, then it is possible that they are not just through landing or take-off gets into an accident. Why not assume that it is a strange skull belong to them, Brothers in Mind, who died in the break down of their flying machines?

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