Bulgaria holds the secret of the goddess Bastet

17 Oct

BastetAn old map found in 1981 indicated that in the Bulgarian mountain Strandja-Sakar was the tomb of the goddess Bastet, Egyptian deity who finished burying in Bulgarian lands. How did his tomb to Bulgaria?

And what secret service found that studied the grave for six years?

For two years, they began to leave information about the mysterious tomb of the goddess Bastet, born in the land of the Thracians, but worshipped by the Egyptians. We do not know when he was born, but the Egyptians began to worship 2900 BC

Their mission was to protect the home and symbolized the joy of life, it is considered the deity of harmony and happiness. But this tomb was found years ago: in 1981.

What happened?

In 1981 historians report secretly to the first Bulgarian lady – Lydmila Jivkova, daughter of Communist President Todor Zhivkov, who have found a very old map (it was the communist era and little or nothing is reported to the public, but that’s a topic for a post) future. On that map, indicating that there was a tomb within Standja-Sakar Mountain, in the southwest of the country. The map included a text, after translating Bastet told the story of his life, his funeral.. And more.

As written, Bastet was buried with all the history information of two thousand before his life and what magicians and astrologers accounted for the next two thousand years. Ie previously unknown information from the past, but also predictions for the future of humanity. According to historians said then working on the project:

This sarcophagus was hidden in our land by people who came by water from distant Egypt. Walking with camels, had slaves, soldiers and senior commanders. On a night in the dark and silent the coffin was lowered too deep, followed by the bodies of all who came to the goddess… (killed them all), so the secret would be kept forever, until someone finds the map. This is a priceless ancient message.

trakiiskagrobnitzastrelcha1 The secret services worked for over 6 years, but all they found and if found is classified information. And we know nothing, very frustrated by it. Nothing about the mysterious past two thousand years behind the times in which he lived Bastet, much less the future (which is precisely what we would most like). We only hope that the documents are declassified and have not disappeared.

Because sometimes they have other declassified after Communism fell, but many have disappeared and some accuse Big Brother. Yes, there are more or less fanciful theories about its content. Some come from the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga to be discussed in the future, because there is much ground this woman, lol. According to Vanga, with the black granite tomb is a depth of six meters, and symbols of power Bastet are crystals whose origins are extraterrestrial. Others claim there that those who have access to explore the tomb notice all kinds of things, and sometimes cannot even come close because they headaches. Perhaps because so wanted Bastet? Or alien technology?

What is known is why Bastet was buried in Bulgaria.

Bastet was born in Thrace. Legend has it that was half human and half goddess, and wanted to be buried in his homeland when his time comes.

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