Amazing Thailand

16 Oct

NatureCountry – exotic tale. Smiling locals, exotic fruits and gardens of outrageous beauty, coral reefs and beautiful sea. Tours in Thailand will be interesting to those who long ago looking for something abnormal. And, indeed, this kingdom is sometimes affected their traditions and way of life, culture and customs.

Kingdom, located between India and China, and this means that it is also influenced by the traditions of these two countries. The study of this amazing area usually begins with a visit to Bangkok. Here you check the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

As to the nature: here the mountains are shared with tropical forests, huge butterfly with colorful birds. The population is very polite here mother never scold a child when crowded.

Thailand can safely attend to the child. Although many of the fears. Like, hot climate, exotic disease, high humidity. In fact, the most unfavorable excellent climate affects children. Constant communication with nature and exotic natural world also beneficially affect the kids. But there will be an adult and what to do. And not only in the local transgender people. Here you can spend a chic shopping tour (from shops in the market to expensive boutiques in skyscrapers malls). Lovers of cultural programs also do not get bored: excursions to ancient temples, exploring the historic sites, familiarity with the local culture and customs. As for the lively sport, you can try all: diving on the coral reefs, surfing, biking in the mountains, hiking in the woods.

Let’s talk about most major cities. We begin, of course, with Bangkok. This bustling city, freaked skyscrapers and bamboo shacks simultaneously. Here temples and palaces coexist with the nightclubs. On the street you can find the elephant, Buddhist monks and some freak.

The other big cities of Thailand – is usually a beach resort situated on the island. The main tourist center – Pattaya. Each year it takes place 3 million tourists. Once it was a fishing harbor, standing bounded by hills. Now there is an atmosphere of fun and endless joy.

Phuket – is one of the major islands in the form it looks like a pearl. Idyllic landscape: beautiful beaches, houses by the sea, cliffs and hills of strange shape. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway, so that you can get here by car or bus.

Thailand – worth a visit. And to save on travel, stay Last minute tours , and find really interesting options.

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