10 discoveries that will modify your view of the world in ancient times

DiscoverModern science knows a lot about the past of the Earth, but scientists have discovered astonishing details that are contrary to what we are adapted to thinking about the proven truth.

1. The ancestors of mammals conquered the earth before the dinosaurs

In mammals and reptiles had a common antecedent. When they parted ways, reptiles (ancestors of dinosaurs) initiated the growth of the group Diapsid, and the ancestors of modern mammals РSynapsid group. The competition continued for more than 230 million. Years, and the first half of this time, mammals, dinosaurs dominated Synapsid-Diapsid. Next, the same Synapsid step by step evolved into mammals, and Diapsid Рin large and carnivorous dinosaurs, although the very first of their representatives was  only the size of the dog.

2. No one ever knows what killed the dinosaurs

In the era of ascendancy of dinosaurs in the Earth landed a big asteroid (result – the Chicxulub crater in Mexico) and winter came on the planet. Dinosaurs became extinct, not only, but also 80% of all living. However, scientists are still discussing other versions. For example, the fact that the asteroid strike was to destroy all life, but some species have survived, including the dinosaurs, subsequently evolved into birds. So choose to your taste: 1) Chicxulub crater, 2) + Chicxulub volcano or 3) Powerful Shiva asteroid that hit by the present India + volcano.

3. Rain of a diamond is real

Diamonds – a crystal of pure carbon, formed under strong heat and pressure deep in the bowels of the Earth. They shift with the movement of tectonic plates, and then digging out from a volcanic outbreak. Get rich on them ,we can hardly, as diamonds can not exist in their usual state on the earth’s surface, turning into graphite. And those diamonds that have humanity – it samples too quickly uprooted volcano with great depth and just not had time to evolve.

4. Purple oceans

In fact, we are only familiar with the higher part of the ocean, where the sun’s rays enter are used for plankton photosynthesis. One of the byproducts of this process is oxygen. He is able to penetrate through the water column into the very depths of the ocean. Although some fjords Norway water stagnates, and living organisms originally absorb all nitrogen and then sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide in the water for most pernicious forms of organisms, but its like a little green and purple creatures feeding gray, they are also water and stained in shades of pink and purple. Incidentally, these organisms – the elders in the world, and therefore it is possible that the ancient ocean could have a bright purple.

5. Water, Earth older than the solar system

Solar system formed from a cloud of interstellar dirt. However, hydrogen and oxygen in the cloud could well form H2O. When the sun for the first time powerfully flared, just blew the water from the inner to the outer solar system, comets into orbits. And the Earth’s oceans are the effect of volcanic outgassing and impact of ice comets in the early life of a new solar system. This theory is only partly true. Researchers freshly found that almost 50% of the water on Earth over the solar system. Interstellar ices already existed before the dust cloud it formed.

6. Life could get to Earth from Mars

Meteors generally burn up in the atmosphere, but some meteorites still get to Earth. In the 1980s, after the flight to Mars, scientists have discovered that some meteorites come to us from there, as it is on Mars are large volcanoes. Some experts believe that the pieces of lava age at 4.5 billion. Years, thrown into space 15 million. Years ago, fell to Earth about 13,000 years ago. Some have found fossils, and it was proved that the rock was formed in the water. Of course, life on Earth has about $ 4 billion. Years and these Martian tourists obviously novices. But maybe there were other meteorites land on Earth is quite young and brought with them some form of life.

7. The early Earth was not like hell

The first years of the Earth are considered ancient Greek analogue of hell. The heat of formation when it melted much of the planet, and ultimately formed already this cool surface. From the “witnesses” of the process was only the mineral zircon. In the study of the oldest zircon sample comes from “hell” period, it was found that the mineral crystallizes at a lesser temperature than expected, and the isotopes showed that it was formed in livable conditions and in the presence of water. So what on Earth 4.4 billion. Years ago may have been continents and oceans, and burning hot lava is not solid.

8. Gold and platinum gone to the core of the Earth

Gold and platinum – a rare earth metal, but they have some asteroids that have formed from the same cloud of dust as the Earth. So why is gold and platinum are not false at our feet? During the hellish period of formation of the Earth, everything on the planet was so warm that could melt iron. Iron and his brothers on the periodic table – heavy metals, and therefore began to sink deeper and deeper into the earth, to the very core of it, where they are now located.

9. North and South Pole should not be under a layer of ice

After a meteorite crash the Earth’s axis has shifted, and now most of the sunlight falls on the equator. Total 34 million. Years ago in Antarctica average temperature was 14, and the surrounding seas warmed to +22. For most of the record of the Earth did not have such huge polar ice caps, and the amount of sunlight nothing to do with. The thing is the level of carbon dioxide and global warming. Although scientists are not sure why the police were frozen 20 million. Years ago. Alas, but so far there is no support that could support at least some theory.

10. It is possible that the cooling of the Earth associated with ants

Thanks to the greenhouse result, the highest temperature on Earth was recorded in the age of the dinosaurs. Then, 65 million. Years later, everything is cold. Erosion of rocks plays an important role in the global carbon cycle, so the researchers use this reason to explain the cooling of the Earth. In the late 1980s, scientists from the University of Arizona began a long-term experiment. He shattered rocky rock and placed it in dissimilar environments, including the ant hill. Every 5 years, he studied it for erosion, comparing with the original samples, and 25 years later was surprised to find that the ants changed the breed to 175 times faster than the natural erosion. Perhaps it is no accident that the ants, as a species, there were about 65 million. Years ago, at a time when the earth began to cold.

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