In Antarctica, found a huge tunnel

mysteriousResearchers in England found in glacial subglacial tunnels gigantic proportions. Height channels slowness over 100 kilometers is 250 meters. Geologists were able to recognize them under  a kilometer layer of ice with a radar scan. Details are presented in the article the researchers, published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The discovery was made by the study of satellite images data, and radar scanning the investigated area. On the pictures taken from orbit, scientists noticed riverbed channels to the naked eye, in spite of the enormous thickness of the layer of ice that covers them. Continue reading “In Antarctica, found a huge tunnel”

The first time in the world made daily timetable genes

ScientistsExamined the temporary map genes work in mice. The map shows the change in the activity of several thousand genes within 12 days in the different organs.

Such temporal atlas of gene activity will be very useful to identify the time of day that will most effectively work these or other medications. Continue reading “The first time in the world made daily timetable genes”

10 discoveries that will modify your view of the world in ancient times

DiscoverModern science knows a lot about the past of the Earth, but scientists have discovered astonishing details that are contrary to what we are adapted to thinking about the proven truth.

1. The ancestors of mammals conquered the earth before the dinosaurs

In mammals and reptiles had a common antecedent. When they parted ways, reptiles (ancestors of dinosaurs) initiated the growth of the group Diapsid, and the ancestors of modern mammals – Synapsid group. The competition continued for more than 230 million. Years, and the first half of this time, mammals, dinosaurs dominated Synapsid-Diapsid. Next, the same Synapsid step by step evolved into mammals, and Diapsid – in large and carnivorous dinosaurs, although the very first of their representatives was  only the size of the dog. Continue reading “10 discoveries that will modify your view of the world in ancient times”

Finding aliens

 alienMany years of science say Aliens do not exist. Man is the crown of the universe.  And any scientist who decided to speculate on the subject, automatically fall into the category of those who are not all at home. But then, a few years ago launched the first orbiting telescope and turned out incredible. It turns out that we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of planets on which life is possible. If this statement is a scientific fact, it’s frightening to imagine – it turns out that aliens really exist. Continue reading “Finding aliens”

Earthly traces of aliens

mysteriousYou can, of course, do not believe that for fairly a long time the Earth is visited by aliens. But how then to explain the origin of the result made by people in this or that part of the world?

In Denmark

A skull found on the Danish island of Zealand, was a huge eye sockets.In 2007, on the Danish island of Zealand was found a bizarre skull. His work found in the village Olstikke. In one of the houses was a repair drainpipe. First, the worker thought it was part of a horse’s skeleton. However, looked more closely, he realized that judgment resembles a human skull. Continue reading “Earthly traces of aliens”

Ebola: Penza placed in quarantine 24 people exposed to suspicious African

Ebola VirusPenza for student teacher training the University of Nigeria, who was hospitalized with suspected Ebola was quarantined, 24 people. It also foreign students who allegedly communicated with infected, told reporters the chief doctor of the Penza regional clinical centers specialized types of medical care Sergei Ribalkin.

Continue reading “Ebola: Penza placed in quarantine 24 people exposed to suspicious African”

Great Mysteries: Life in the Universe

mysteriuosScientists advise that the mind can build up not only in the biological body. The most exotic hypotheses allow the occurrence of intelligence in the following types: field and plasma shape – is specters and fireballs. In this case there is probably a universal reason and planetary noosphere. She and the information field of the Earth or the collective unconscious. Perhaps for him does not even survive our usual criteria – “good” and “evil”

In 1897, KE Tsiolkovsky deduced formulas associated rapidity missiles, its mass and momentum of the fuel. And after 6 years proved that a rocket apparatus able to make a space flight. The scientific community has met this idea stony silence.

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Secrets of the World – The Air I Breathe

The Air I BreatheHaiyang – Typhoon unobtrusive power that hit the Philippines on November 9, 2013. Claimed the lives of several thousand people. His strength was enough to destroy in a few minutes to the base of several port cities. Wind speed was unimaginable values – 300 km / h.

A typhoon struck the shore with a wave of five-story building. Meteorologists say that Haiyang was the most powerful and unpredictable weather phenomenon in the history of meteorological observations!

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Hot lava from Kilauea volcano is close to settlements

natureHawaiian authorities ordered residents of Puna to be ready to empty. Hot lava from Kilauea volcano again impending the settlements. A danger to human life is also smoke from forest fires and a large awareness of sulfur dioxide in the air.

Kilauea volcano is measured the youngest in Hawaii and the most lively in the world. This is not the highest of the five volcanoes on the island, but the locals believe that it is on top of Kilauea volcano goddess Pele lives, and lava flowing out – it’s her tears. Continue reading “Hot lava from Kilauea volcano is close to settlements”

An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus accidentally found in the apartment

ancient Egyptian sarcophagusAn  ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, which determined the age of three millennia, many years lying as junk in the house of the British pensioner from Essex. He was found by accident when a lonely grandmother went into a nursing home, and the remaining things in her little house proprietress have decided to sell the home at auction. Continue reading “An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus accidentally found in the apartment”