Spiral galaxy in the gathering of the Serpent

04 Sep

NaturePresents a new image from the Hubble Space Telescope, which shows a spiral galaxy in the gathering Serpens. It is part of a galactic cluster, creating the effect of weak gravitational lensing.

In the new image from the Hubble Space Telescope captured a beautiful spiral galaxy PGC 54493, which is located in the constellation Serpens. It is contained in the galactic group, which is studied by astronomers for an intriguing phenomenon called weak gravitational lensing.

This result is caused by the uneven dispersal of matter in the cosmos (which includes also the dark matter), was investigated by means of such explanation as the Hubble Overview moderate depth. Dark matter – one of the greatest mysteries of intriguing and in cosmology. It has properties essentially different from those of ordinary matter, since not emit or absorb light or other forms of electromagnetic emission that is reflected by the term data.

Although we can not obviously observe dark matter, we can still draw conclusions about its occurrence in outer space. One of the marked confirmation of this mysterious invisible substance known as the task of rotation of galaxies, which takes place in a certain way and with such speed that only through normal matter, seen us, galaxies would not deter together. 

Required for this missing mass is essential just for dark matter is tacit to be about 27% of the entire contents of our universe plus the visible matter and dark energy. Galaxy PGC 55493 was studied due to the effect of cosmic shear. This has the effect of gravitational lensing light, which creates small image distortion distant galaxies.

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