Removal of warts

wartsWarts are a benign type arising in the skin due to the action of human papilloma virus. Immediately after its entry into the body, the virus begins a phase of active breeding in the upper layers of the skin, which leads to the appearance of warts.

Factors that contribute to the emergence of

Transmission occurs in different ways, usually by direct contact with the carrier or in the process of using a general-purpose items.

Are not rare cases, when the formation of warts is due to micro trauma to the skin. For example, plantar warts can occur after a visit to a public swimming pool, and warts on the face – after a bad shave.

Classification of warts

To date, the following classification:

Warts are common – dense formations, rough to the touch and small in size. Often formed on the upper extremities and face;

Plantar warts – are formed exclusively on the legs and are usually accompanied by pain sensations. Resemble corn, and consist of a large number of filiform papillae;

Flat warts – are formed mainly on the back area of the hands and face. Looks almost invisible, they are rounded and smooth to the touch.

Treatment for warts

In rare cases, when the immune system to cope on their own, the illness goes away on its own. If it does not, provide treatment for warts. The main way of getting rid of the problem – the complete removal of tissues exposed to infection. Among the variety that offers modern medicine, the most effective and safe method is laser removal, what I was able to see first hand turning at the medical center.

Laser removal

Wart removal by laser is the best solution in situations where the operation is performed on the delicate areas of the skin – the face and neck. This method is the least traumatic, do not leave behind traces and takes just a few minutes. The procedure differs absolutely sterile, painless and requires virtually no maintenance at its end.

Removal of warts in children, passes in the game and entertaining form. Kiddies wear special glasses, in which they present themselves superheroes fighting evil. Just a couple of minutes from the warts remains only a memory.

Getting rid of plantar warts with a laser

Removal of plantar warts on the laser procedure – the most efficient and effective method for solving this problem. Its influence extends not only to the body of warts, but also on its roots, removing the problem once and for all. The technique, which I had the honor to test for himself and was fully satisfied with the result, is completely bloodless, which significantly reduces the time of rehabilitation, as well as a completely painless, so, its use is indicated even for children. Point impact of the laser does not leave on their tender skin, even the slightest trace.

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