Prophecies about Russia

MysteriousAmerican clairvoyant Jane Dickson:

Natural disasters of the early 21st century and all they cause global disaster least affected is Russia, and they are even less affected by Russian Siberia. Russia has opened the possibility of rapid and powerful development. Hope of the World and its revival will come precisely from Russia.

Italian clairvoyant prediction Mavis:

Russia has a very interesting feature that absolutely nobody in the world expects from Russia. That would be the beginning Russian degeneration around the world. And no one is, how deep will these changes throughout the vast world, it is caused by Russia. In Russia will revive even the deepest province, and will grow a lot of new towns on the periphery of the most … Russia will reach a uniquely high level of development, which is not now, and even at that time there will be no one, even the most developed countries in the world… Then for Russia pulled the rest of the country… The former current Western path of development of a terrestrial civilization very soon and it is replaced by the new Russian way.

Vanga predicted in 1996:

The new man under the sign of New Teaching will be in Russia, and he will rule Rus life … new doctrine comes from Russia – it is the oldest and most true doctrine – spread throughout the world and the day will come when all the religions in the world will disappear and be replaced by this new philosophical doctrine Fire Bible.

In Russia back in a new form of socialism in Russia will be large collective and cooperative farms, and again restored the former Soviet Union, but the Union has a new one. Russia will grow and grow, no one can stop Russia, there is no force that could break Russia. Russia will sweep away everything in its path, and not only continue, but will also become the sole undivided mistress of the world, and even America in the 2030s recognized the superiority of Russia. Russia will once again become strong and powerful of this empire, and will once again be called by the old name of the ancient Rus.

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted:

Did not have time yet to end the 20th century, as in the USSR comes the collapse of communism, but Russia, freed from communism waiting not progress, and very heavy crisis. However, even after 2010, the former Soviet Union reborn, but reborn in a new form. It will be headed by Russian rebuild civilization Earth, and the center of the revival of the world will be Siberia. Through Russia to the rest of the world will come hope and lasting peace.

Prediction of Paracelsus:

There is one nation that Herodotus called Hyperboreans – the progenitors of all peoples and civilizations of the earth – the Aryans, which means noble. The current name of the native land of this ancient people – Muscovy. Hyperborea to its turbulent history of the future learn a lot – and terrible decline with a great set of all possible disasters and powerful with a great flowering of great variety of all kinds of benefits that come at the beginning of the 21 th century, IE before 2040.

Prophecy 1930 St. Theophan of Poltava:

Russia would rise from the dead, and the whole world surprised … Togo Orthodoxy that was in Russia before, will not be, but true belief not only revived, but also a triumph.

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