People will move to the orbital mega cities


People have already extend to all corners of the globe, but the human population continues to grow and over population disaster seems inevitable. However, Dr Al Globus, working with NASA, I’m sure this is no trouble. 

The next rational step, he said, would be the migration of mankind Earth’s orbit. Scientists believe that the first orbit conclusion will by the end of the century. 

Dr. Globus is a member of the research center, NASA, and for many years worked on the Hubble Space Telescope, ISS, space shuttles and other spacecraft. However, a few decades ago, it completely riveted the idea of creating space colonies. Now Globe annual opposition in which students are confident to come up with a design space colonies. 

Currently, he is a chief supporter of life in space, and believes that it will take a long time to get people to stay the city in Earth orbit with the same ease with which they travel from London to New York. 

“There will be orbiting the city or not, today is hard to say,” – admitted scientist. – If humanity decides to create them, it will be able to do it. We have the scientific capability, financial capacity, just as long as their exterior does not become a necessity.

Encourage the moving of the orbit mankind may some global calamity like a nuclear war, said the expert. While Dr. Globus is an advocate of orbital colonies, it does not keep out that in the future people can move further, for example, on Mars. 

Space settlement, says Dr. Globe, will be an analogue of the modern city in the world and give people the opportunity to live abroad. 

It will be a place where people can live, raise their children, to celebrate Christmas. While orbiting the Earth inhabitants of mega cities will go on holiday. 

As for what will look like the first space completion, most of the currently offered projects are the structure of a cylinder rotating around the section that creates artificial importance.

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