In the Black Sea-a Bermuda Triangle

13 Sep

Triangle bermundaMost inexplicable incident which happened in such a dangerous place in Crimea- the disappearance of the ship Amir-1. The ship sank on its board at the time of the wreck was 24 people; the strangest thing is that neither the ship nor the bodies at the bottom of the Black Sea to discover it was not possible.

Scientists have tried to study this phenomenon and concluded that in this area there is a magnetic anomaly. The information came to light when they were declassified part of the materials of the former Red Army. In May 1944, the Soviet cruiser disappeared in broad daylight in the sea south of the Crimea. Reported the incident to the captain of another vessel, accompanied warship. He said that the black mist that dissected green lightning enveloped cruiser Tsiolkovsky, and since no one saw him. In December 1945, disappeared in the same area five Russian bombers. Last broadcast pilots reported dense fog, which damaged the side skirts. But perhaps the most bizarre case occurred in the waters of the Black Sea– is the disappearance in 1991 of 80 people who worked on an oil platform. Colleagues on the bank repeatedly tried to contact them, but received no reply. A few hours later, the military squadron found drifting empty platform, as if in a hurry lbdmi abandoned. The mystery of their disappearance is still not clear.

Another proof of the strange incidents is fascist aircraft, which was found at the bottom of the sea. He was not able to find since the days of the war and found quite by accident. On board the plane were found the bodies of the pilots and by virtue of their personal belongings, it was possible to understand who it is. Mysterious of the case is that the aircraft is safe and necessary for all his volley components are also not damaged. Scientists do not understand the reason for the fall of the German aircraft. 

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