Two victims of Ebola have been raised from the dead in Liberia

 LiberiaTwo victims of the Ebola Liberian town of Ganta, Nimba County, miraculously resurrected from the dead. Residents of the local Catholic community, 40-year-old Dorris Kvoi and 60-year-old Ma Kebe considered dead from the deadly virus, but the day of the funeral suddenly woke up. Continue reading “Two victims of Ebola have been raised from the dead in Liberia”

Removal of warts

wartsWarts are a benign type arising in the skin due to the action of human papilloma virus. Immediately after its entry into the body, the virus begins a phase of active breeding in the upper layers of the skin, which leads to the appearance of warts.

Factors that contribute to the emergence of

Transmission occurs in different ways, usually by direct contact with the carrier or in the process of using a general-purpose items. Continue reading “Removal of warts”

10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year

primitiveSometimes a few unusual finds could easily destroy the established scientific theories, leaving scientists in complete confusion.

In 2014, the year in the field of paleontology was made several surprising discoveries. Some of them have presented new evidence, useful in scientific debate, lasting for years. And some were even able to put the conventional theory on its head.

1. Ancestor of lions, tigers and bears

In January of 2014, a group of paleontologists announced the identification of remains Dormaalocyon latouri, a mammal that lived about 55 million years ago. Scientists have suggested that this may be a mammal ancestor of the current large carnivores, such as tigers, lions and bears. Continue reading “10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year”

10 most mysteriously talented people in the world


PeopleProdigious memory, the ability to run indefinitely, and to control their body temperature – superpowers, obtained as a result of injuries and evolution.

For most people, talent – is the ability to sing, dance and so on. But some people are able to more of this, and most of them can not even control myself.

1. Orlando cereal

Whatever it was sad to have brain damage, there is a very small percentage of people who survived it and get a new unusual ability. People who get special abilities after a head injury, diagnosed acquired savant syndrome. Continue reading “10 most mysteriously talented people in the world”

Prophecies about Russia

MysteriousAmerican clairvoyant Jane Dickson:

Natural disasters of the early 21st century and all they cause global disaster least affected is Russia, and they are even less affected by Russian Siberia. Russia has opened the possibility of rapid and powerful development. Hope of the World and its revival will come precisely from Russia.

Italian clairvoyant prediction Mavis:

Russia has a very interesting feature that absolutely nobody in the world expects from Russia. That would be the beginning Russian degeneration around the world. And no one is, how deep will these changes throughout the vast world, it is caused by Russia. Continue reading “Prophecies about Russia”

What is being hidden patterns on fingers

fingers patternsOn the ground, there is no one with the same pattern on your toes as you. Scientists dermatoglyphics can tell by the patterns on the fingers not only about human predisposition to disease, but also about his professionalism.

A person standing at the origins of dermatoglyphics (so called science of patterns on the skin) was a cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton. It was a scientist with a truly unbridled thirst for science and research. Relationship with Darwin defined scientific way Galton, he was a passionate supporter of the theory of his brother, and therefore sought to prove that evolution is not only not over, but in need of correction. Continue reading “What is being hidden patterns on fingers”

Blood Libel in the Time of Cholera

CholeraIn September 1348 thousands of Jews living in Europe were burned after the charges of conspiracy and distribution of terrible diseases.

Rumors of an unknown terrible disease from which people died within a few days, and their bodies were covered with black spots began to penetrate into Europe in the summer of 1346. This was told merchants returning from the East, who saw an unknown plague befell as God’s punishment for sinners. Continue reading “Blood Libel in the Time of Cholera”

Open a third room in the tomb of the times of Alexander the Great in Greece

AlexanderThe construction is careful one of the most important discoveries in Greek archeology in recent years, and the local media are in conflict about who can be buried in the tomb. Archaeologists have penetrated into the third chamber in the tomb on the hill Caste in Amphipolis 104 kilometers east of Thessaloniki, Greece.

This building dates from the time of Alexander the Great, and, according to experts, was built by the chief architect – Dinocrates. Excavations conducted by a team of archaeologists led by Catherine Peristeri Continue reading “Open a third room in the tomb of the times of Alexander the Great in Greece”

People will move to the orbital mega cities


People have already extend to all corners of the globe, but the human population continues to grow and over population disaster seems inevitable. However, Dr Al Globus, working with NASA, I’m sure this is no trouble. 

The next rational step, he said, would be the migration of mankind Earth’s orbit. Scientists believe that the first orbit conclusion will by the end of the century.  Continue reading “People will move to the orbital mega cities”

Scientists have recognized children psychics

 psychicsAdult children often exhibit psychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. This conclusion came from the team of experts of the Research Center Raina responsible for reviewing the paranormal.

However, there are a number of independent studies on this topic, conducted at different times in different countries. Continue reading “Scientists have recognized children psychics”