This is a terrible word – blockade

 terrible wordIt seems that today there is in the territory of the former Soviet Union is no person who does not know about this tragedy. Everyone has heard about 125 grams of bread, which in the worst months November and December 1941 were for the residents of Leningrad daily soldering.

Was made this bread of bran, sawdust, bagasse, dried grass and glue. Flour it was not more than twenty percent. Surrounded by the German city of starvation killed more than 600,000 people. The dead were all families. I think everyone Lenin grader whether for personal impressions or recollections relatives have to say about that terrible time. Which shortly before the war was ten years old, did not like to think about how everything was. But something I learned from it, and I will tell here a few episodes. 

Do not panic!

Preteen, of course, could not recognize the scale of the impending tragedy. Everything that is happening at first it seemed fun game. But many adults did not show foresight. No one could not imagine what awaits them in the near future. My mother told me that in one of the rooms of their communal apartment on7th Street Krasnoarmejsky party worker lived with his wife. Practical wife barely begun the war, began to make supplies, began to pickle cabbage in a barrel. Party worker immediately accused the woman of alarmism and forced her to throw the cabbage that she weeping bitterly, and did. I must say that this man died of starvation among the first tenants.


In winter, when the cold began fierce,Eugene every day had to get wood for the stoves. Her mother, a woman with a severe character, simply said: Where you want, there and take it! Disobey was no way … One girl on some whim climbed into the attic of an apartment building. The attic floor was covered with a thick layer of sand, Jack crouched, and hands plunged in the sand and suddenly – a miracle! – Felt under the fingers chips. These wood chips! It turned out that these chips in the sand by the thousand. Where did they come from there? Within a few weeks the family was warmed by this treasure, detected in the attic.

There, in the sand, Jack once found covered with mold and dried, skukozhilas sveklinu. Brought home. Mom, despite hunger, said that it is impossible – certain death. Left alone in the house, the girl long cooked unsympathetic roots and eventually eaten. God took pity on starving child.

Once defended a huge queue for kerosene, Jack has not kept in the hands of the feeble glass bottle, which somehow gave her mother instead of a can. The bottle broke away from children’s fingers and broke. The girl realized she did not dare go home without kerosene … And then a miracle happened again. Run to my mother – she said the saleswoman. – Let her give containers which do not beat. I pour you another.  Even in those terrible days, people were merciful, trying to help each other…

Nasty anecdote

In late winter, just before the evacuation of three Genin brother died. He thought he did not like him, so do not give there. Once he found in the corner of a small pillowcase uhoronku where my sister, for some strange logic of a hungry man, managed to make a small supply of bread crusts. Found and eaten. After that, he opened hungry diarrhea … It lies somewhere in the Piskarevsky.

Since then, 69 years have passed. Much has been forgotten. Sometimes I hear the jokes about the blockade of Leningrad recently about dystrophic found it possible to make a joke on television one artist conversational genre. Do not want to look moralistka, but, in my opinion, there are issues that can not joke under any circumstances.

I congratulate all of Leningrad, all those who are worthy survived the winter of 1941-1942, with the next date of the holiday – the Day of lifting the blockade. I congratulate their children and grandchildren, in which, I am sure, there remains a genetic memory. It is this memory; they never laughed at when he heard an anecdote about the blockade, and never throw in the trash uneaten bread.

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