The world should not have known about it

WorldThe Central Intelligence Agency CIA and the United States concerning the elimination of President John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Possibly in kilograms dossier hidden authentic mechanism of this political assassination, and perhaps they just support the version of the lone assassin.

But that’s why for almost 50 years to hide under security cataloging information if it only confirms the official edition of events? So what exactly hide these documents: clumsy work of detectives and … involvement in the kill of the state? Perhaps the world will know about it in 2017, when the said documents should be declassified. However, it is also possible that the CIA will extend their privacy. Such a right he has. 

Secret exclusion of Osama bin Laden 

Among the more than 50 million files with a collection of top secret documents stored today in the United Statesare those that contain information on Operation Neptune Spear, which on the night of May 2, 2011 had a group of fighters Navy SEALs Navy SEALs. The result of the operation was the death of Osama bin Laden – a Saudi sheikh, leader of the Islamic terrorist organization Al Qaeda terrorist №1 recognized in theUnited States and other countries.

Why is the information from these documents were not made public, and even published a reliable picture of a dead bin Laden? According to the official version of the original, he was armed and killed in a discharge. Later, the Pentagon leaked information that Osama was unarmed, and the order to kill it entered the top. So why all and secretive? Probably, President Barack Obama wanted to hide from the world the fact that the murder was ordered and the order came from the highest echelons of power. 

The sinister figure of J. Edgar Hoover 

In most cases, to classify documents to make sure the safety of operations and their informants. This is also necessary for the quiet of their families and groups up until about the operation will not be forgotten or until all those concerned in it will not leave our mortal world.

Other documents may indicate the government’s cooperation with terrorists, reveal the true intentions of the country’s headship or confirm his criminal activities. Often these documents are not destroyed because they can be protected from intimidation, or, conversely, to be his gadget.

Masters of secret documents as a weapon was John Edgar Hoover 1895-1972 years, who in 1924 created the first head of the United States Federal Bureau of examination and stay in this position until his death. In his archives were kept millions of documents with information about the most significant person of the number of his contemporaries, including the presidentUSA.

However, almost all of their agents,Hooverused not to classify organized crime groups, and to counter communism. He was ordered to arrest these people and they carry out operations against the growth of the civil rights movement and the struggle for identical rights for black Americans.

The fruit of many years of work Hoover became his personal secret archive, numbering millions of documents containing incriminating information about politicians and government officials, as well as just about the people, known in the United States. It is believed that the excellent longevity official Hoover – merit of this filing. Access code to the archive was unraveled only after his death. 

Pedigree Fuhrer 

Nazi propaganda stimulated the world that Adolf Hitler – only purebred Aryan. In this case, information about his family tree watchfully concealed. Now we know why. From every German Hitler demanded documents confirming his racial clarity and origin of decent parents, but he submit such documents could not. In the pedigree of the Fuhrer has a few dark spots.

So, the mother of Adolf Clara Pelts, was the third wife and cousin of his father, Alois. And maybe even a sister – one of the parents. Furthermore, the newly discovered documents point to Gestapo some cases, serious mental disorders in family members of Hitler. In exacting, his cousin,. For nine years it was kept in a psychiatric clinic inVienna.

When this became known to Hitler, a few days later, December 6, 1940, on file with Alois there was a record, transferred to an undisclosed hospital according to the order official the Commissariat of Defense of the Reich. In fact, it meant that she was sent to a concentration camp, where the same day on orders cousin killed in the gas chamber.

It turns out, pedigree Hitler was mentally and seems incestuous flawed, so that his Soviet nickname – Hitler possessed – was unfounded. 

Whose blood is on the hands of Che Guevara? 

One of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution, the symbol of the struggle for independence, the hero of the working class – the South American guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara 1928-1967 years for several years was the idol of the Communist world. Even today his image adorns millions of t-shirts and posters all over the world. However, this is what became known only decades later, after the declassification of certain documents.

Six months after the conquer of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, Che Guevara ordered the execution of 216 people. Among them were not only counter-revolutionaries, but also civilians. And he prepared a network of so-called labor camps, where thousands of people were held.

However, Cuban leader Fidel Castro knew about these revolutionary activities of its associate

The world should not know ever. In the struggle against capitalism inCuba, as well as the entire communist group needed heroes.

And in 1966, Che left Liberty Island to take part in the revolutionary movement of the peoples of Latin America. A year later, he was captured and killed inBolivia. This fact triggered the hands of Castro, because dead heroes live longer. Only 42 years later the Cuban refugee Jacobo Machover published his book Hidden Face of Che, in which the crimes of ardent revolutionary talk copies of documents and certificates fellow hero. 

How to disappear citizens killed 

In April 2012, the death fell upon them from heaven. 15 terrorists were killed, – said in an official declaration theUnited Statesafter hitting a remote-controlled drone in Waziristan – a moun

tainous region in northwestPakistannear the Afghan border. American losses are zero, as in any such attack. Civilian casualties was not there.

It is these figures prompted President Barack Obama to expand the use of drones.

Official statistics of victims confirms the efficiency of such operations. According to government reports, over the past six years with the help of drones killed between 2,400 and 2,800 people, counting about 50 civilians. And all the others – terrorists.

However, it is good this way of dealing with terrorists, as it is presented to the international co

mmunity? The answer to the question in May 2012, gave The death toll – a document that President Obama wanted to keep secret, but which, thanks to the insider became known in the wording of The New York Times.

This document explains why the official number of dead civilians is so small. It turns out that Obama has proposed a new classification system of the slay. According to her, all the men fit for military service age and living in areas drone attacks are considered rebels. However, local

And here is what a war reporter Noor Behram, Most of the victims, I have seen women and children. Based on information from hospitals and their own observations, he argues that each dead terrorist accounts for about 15 civilians dead. eyewitness claim that the result of all the drone attacks in the deaths of at least 600 civilians.

XIV Dalai Lama was on the content of the CIA? 

Dalai Lama XIV Tenzin Gyatso, was born in 1935, for many years head of the Tibetan government, today is the spiritual leader of Buddhists around the world. However, in May 2012, became known facts about the dissimilar status of the Dalai Lama, remained secret for more than 50 years. Testimony of former CIA agents indicate that the Buddhist leader has not always been a decent person. For many years he was listed on the payroll of the CIA, which in the 1950s and 1960s to conduct operations St. Circus» St. Circus. It was an attempt to weaken the influence of the United States of China in theHimalayas and counter the spread of the Asian communist contagion.

After the People’s Liberation Army of China in 1951, invaded Tibetand the Dalai Lama and his followers fled to India, the CIA annual transfer of $ 1.7 million for the Tibetan refugees to hold the fight against the spread of communism. And out of the Pentagon Papers, it follows that in this period the Dalai Lama receives annually 180,000 dollars and became obedient tool ofAmerica against Communism.

Frequent visits by the Dalai Lama to the Presidents of the United States in recent years show that its connection with the American government continues to remain strong. But why the financial support of the Dalai Lama by the CIA and their close collaboration world public learned only now? The fact is that the facts of almost 50 years ago released the people are no longer in the service of the CIA.

And so it came to be known details that neither Western nor Buddhist world did not intend ever to publicize.

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