The power of weapons of the Stone Age

StoneScientist decided to experimentally verify the advantages of copies with a stone tip that human ancestors began to use about half a million years ago.

Equipment wooden copies of stone-tipped cost is very expensive: it is much harder to produce weapons, tips often break down and need replacement, finally, because of the fragility of the stone beast so spear need to prick several times, risking their lives.

To understand what is the advantage consisted of stone-tipped spears, researchers conducted a series of experiments, sticking guns simple wooden spears and weapons of a new type in packages with a ballistic gelatin gel. Researchers looked at the size and shape of the wound, the depth of penetration of the tip and the extent to which the body hurts extraction spear out of the wound.

Although stone-tipped spears penetrated into deeper tissues are not sharpened wooden sticks, the wounds of them were much broader – and the internal organs of the animals had to suffer from such injuries is much stronger. Thus, the effectiveness of hunting as a result of increased.

The study authors also emphasized that making copies with stone-tipped human ancestors demanded new mental and behavioral skills. First of all we are talking about short-term memory and conceptual. The former is necessary to collect, prepare and convert various materials into a weapon, the second – to keep in mind drawing the product and calculate the work plan. Finally, the technology for making copies with a stone point, apparently, was passed on from generation to generation, which is impossible without a developed ability to learn.

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