The mysterious cave Ervandun

13 Aug

CaveThere are mysterious places that have never visited any rays of sunlight or researchers. Set of phenomenal natural objects waiting to be discovered. As if created for this inquisitive nature of man to strive to conquer the new and expanding earned. One of the recent discoveries – a giant cave Ervandun in China. Offer to admire the first photos of her exciting depths.

Chinese cave system Ervandun so large that it has its own micro climate. The total area it occupies is equal to 51 square kilometers. The distance from the lowest to the highest point – about 250 meters.

Until recently, the multiple sets of complexes Ervandun represented the real secret to human nature, and now all of the features of such a large object scientists have yet to be discovered.

In many cave chambers just do not get – it is necessary to find their hidden inputs. Difficulties of access to all premises Ervandun and danger of some of its steep slopes create challenging, but very intriguing environment for lovers of undeveloped areas of conquest.

A group of researchers and enthusiasts, consisting of professional cave explorers and photographers decided to dare and to reveal the secrets of the cave giant, at the same time allowing a variety of ordinary people look into her mysterious innards through pictures made there. An expedition, experts headed to China,Chongqing Province, where is the cave system Ervandun.

At first glance, the researchers have opened amazing views Ervandun: at the bottom of the cave is committed lush vegetation, creating scenery fabulous. Here and there, break through the veil of mist canopy trees are strong, soft carpet spreads thick grass, flaunt lush bushes.

Into the system Ervandun can be reached in several ways: swimming, walking or abseiling. Previously people have been studied only relatively superficial branch of the cave, used by mountain workers. Now the expedition of 15 men bent on shedding light on the deeper tunnels leading into uncharted underground chambers.

American caver Elin Lynch peering into the abyss, hovering on a ledge in one of the vast chambers of the cave. How did you measure later – depth underfoot researcher was at this point of 240 meters?

Many of the cave chambers are so huge that they have a specific micro climate. They even formed their own thin clouds and thick fog, when the conditions are quite icy air humidity increases. Especially thick clouds completely hide under its layer of vaults.

Among cavers discovered cave chambers opened they called the Hall of cloud speed – giant space area of over 15 square kilometers and a height of about 250 meters, resembling its majestic cathedral. Like other large caves, a Hall cloud stage filled with mist, significantly reducing visibility and gives the room a mystical appearance.

Exploring the cave passages and chambers, members of the expedition have repeatedly pointed out the critical water level, filling some cavities during heavy rains. According to experts the trend of gradual flooding will eventually lead to a state of complete obstruction of some areas due to their increased risk to human life.

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