The biggest planet in the galaxy

Biggest planetJust a year ago, scientists using telescopes ALMA saw a stunner – the creation of a huge planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was given the title of the largest planet in the galaxy.

Astronomer at Cardiff University with the help of a powerful telescope ALMA lucky enough to watch the process of the birth of the biggest stars of the galaxy the Milky Way. Mass protostellar clouds formed 500 times larger than the diameter of the Sun, and its luminosity was higher by several orders of magnitude.

Previously, scientists have seen in ten thousand light-years from Earth, the formation of protostellar clouds of gas and dust. It was compressed by gravity towards the center of the sole. It was a process of creating a new star, which was the largest in our galaxy.

Mass newborn solar masses nothing less 500 times, and the luminosity, which has this great planet in the galaxy above the solar several million times. Scientists are lucky to observe this rare process and see it in great detail using the world’s most powerful radio telescopes. Scientists conducting the study, noted that a huge cloud of gas and cosmic dust inside pulls together under the forces of gravity, and of long, thread-like, cosmic substances formed young star.

Chief Specialist of the study from the University of Cardiff Nicholas Pareto told how to use telescopes ALMA scientists were able to examine the entire process of creating a star in the most minute details that will now appear in the textbooks on astronomy for children around the world. Their mission was to trace the birth of a giant star, and it’s great they turned out. They observed the highest protostellar clouds throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

Astronomers Telescope sent to the site of the sky is no coincidence, because they suspected that this is the area most favorable conditions for the formation of huge stars. Although see the creation of the biggest stars in the Galaxy, no one dreamed of. Scientists have speculated that this protostellar clouds can get the star that is greater than the mass of the Sun only a hundred times. Therefore, the result of observations of shocked and pleasantly surprised.

Co-author of the study, our colleagues Nicholas Pareto University of Manchester Gary Fuller said that these giants – a tremendous rarity in our galaxy, and to see them in the moment of creation in general is incredibly problematic. Star formation occurs very rapidly, and the planet for long stays young. So this research scientist believes more than successful.

Another team member, a representative of the University of Bordeaux Ana Duarte-Cabral said that the formation of the star shrinks to the center of the matter is uneven. A careful viewing of the protostellar clouds, scientists were visible dense gas and dust filaments that are attracted to the center of the fastest.

The authors argue that this observation is the creation of a giant star, they used only part of the potential of the observatory ALMA.

Astronomers hope to continue to pursue this exciting process of the formation of huge bodies with the help of the most powerful radio telescopes in the world and hope that they are lucky to see the birth of more than one giant star.

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