Scientists have reproduced the birth of the universe

28 Aug

mysterious Physicists from the United States, Chinaand Germanyusing computer calculated the situation that reproduce the birth of the universe. Their findings the authors published in the journal Physical Review Letters, and briefly with them can be found at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Classification is important to give details the observed asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe (the observations in the noticeable part of the universe show that the particle is much larger than antiparticles) and self-consistent models of inflationary cosmology . 

Below these temperatures the quarks are only bound states that form hadrons. Features of the transition of matter from one state to another and attracted professionals.

In their study, the researchers calculated the properties of the phase transition in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) for the conditions of the early universe. Feature of the approach is the reflection of physicist’s choral symmetry between left and right states of quarks, which previously could not be implemented in the computational procedure.

Basically calculations take more than a few months, in agreement with those obtained in 2007 data on the temperature phase transition in lattice QCD. The main question that now fascinated scientists, is to determine the type of phase transition: it may be the first (conventionally, the basic parameters of the transition changes suddenly) or second (parameters vary smoothly) type as well as the crossover (intermediate place). Results scientists quarrel in favor of the latter type of transition.

Scientists have studied the conditions in the early universe, when her age is not less than a microsecond. At that time, as it is believed the subject was brought to a temperature of about ten trillion degrees Celsius and in a state of quark-gluon plasma – a mixture of particles, the constituents of hadrons (such as protons and neutrons).

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