Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy

Negative energyScience has not yet proved the presence of vampires, sucking the energy, as well as the presence of damage and the evil eye. But even the most modern people, cynically minded, can not be denied that one person can bring about positive emotions, and next to the other person can feel like sucked the life force and energy.

No wonder since ancient time’s different people say that there are energy vampires, people with bad and hostile look, magicians and sorcerers, who for his own pleasure willing to harm others. And, indeed, we can see how, after communicating with certain people, a person begins to arise any trouble reaching a continuous strip. That health is deteriorating rapidly, the problems begin at work, in the family there is discord, and all these misfortunes occur abruptly and suddenly. How can you not believe that there is corruption and evil eye – how to understand what you jinxed?

Moreover, we should not think that all this negative impact existed only in ancient times. The modern world is set up so that people constantly is a clash of interests due to the constant rivalry, speed rhythm of life, and constantly increasing flow of information. All this makes people more modern conflict and aggressive.

The most interesting thing is that in ancient times, people paid great attention to the protection of the negative effects of negative energies and envy of others. For this purpose, created talismans, amulets, and charms and read a special prayer.

In many eastern countries, a person on itself there is a strong psycho-energetic beats, visualized protective uttered repeatedly protective mantra.

In Russia to avoid the blows of fate helped guarding prayers in conjunction with the sign of the cross. At the same time, leaving the house, even a man baptized in the back. But this is what it was before.

Modern man is more prone to all sorts of attacks and negative energy effects. This leads to the deterioration of health, a sharp drop in performance. An unprotected person constantly feel the blows of negative energy of others, is not able to restore the emotional and energetic balance, and it may end up sad.

The most terrible thing in the fact that the human energy body also suffers greatly, as it always sticks energy dirt, tearing the protective shell of a man. This may cause a malfunction of the internal organs, weakened immunity, and subsequent problems in work and personal affairs.

Of course, we can all believe it or not believe it, but the fact that the negative effects are felt – it is a fact.

Protection from negative influences and energies

To begin, we shall understand that the origin of the negative energy. Negative energy generated by negative emotions, anger, envy and malice of others. Moreover, this energy can build up on the human energy body and act as a specific program.

It is now possible to allocate energy programs of varying severity. Program is considered the most destructive damage, having different degrees of severity. Some damage aimed at the total destruction of man, the other aimed at the destruction of the working activities or relationships with family.

Another program is the negative impact of the evil eye. Even the most minimal envy can turn into evil eye. The most frightening is the negative impact of the curse, which can affect the whole race.

The main task of the person who wants to protect themselves from the negative impacts and energy is maximum attenuation strength of these energies and preventing effects of low negative vibrations.

There is also a view that the impact of negative energy are most susceptible to the man who also has low vibrations and experiencing negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, anger or irritability. So first of all, you need to work on their vibrations and emotions. After that, you can already install and energy security.

We need to learn and reflect the negative impact of evil men, who are often called energy vampires. Determine the energy vampires can be easily. Just a couple of minutes the man standing with the vampire, begins to feel that it is pumped out of the vitality and energy. Provoke and cling energy vampires its prey in different ways. Need to learn not to react to irritants and set your own psychological barrier, because the goal of his energy vampire can only be achieved if the victim starts to get annoyed and show other negative emotions.

The evil eye, damage and curses, you need to learn them mirrored. This is especially true gypsy curses. It is useful to regularly go to church, to stand next to the icons prayers. All this helps to protect you from the negative effects and negative energies.

If negative energy penetrated the energy shell, it must be removed, followed by reduction of energy. Help in this sense, rolling out a chicken egg, nicknamed bell energy centers, breathing practices, the cleansing salt, fire, douche

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