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The world should not have known about it

WorldThe Central Intelligence Agency CIA and the United States concerning the elimination of President John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Possibly in kilograms dossier hidden authentic mechanism of this political assassination, and perhaps they just support the version of the lone assassin.

But that’s why for almost 50 years to hide under security cataloging information if it only confirms the official edition of events? So what exactly hide these documents: clumsy work of detectives and … involvement in the kill of the state? Perhaps the world will know about it in 2017, when the said documents should be declassified. However, it is also possible that the CIA will extend their privacy. Such a right he has.  Read the rest of this entry »

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English track

EnglishBetween Russia and Germany in the early twentieth century, the contradictions that could be real prerequisites for war did not exist. There were disagreements between Russia and Austria-Hungary over the Balkans, but without the sanction of Vienna Berlin never would begin hostilities against Russia.

There were, however, the contradictions that threaten war between Germany and France for Alsace and Lorraine. But England did not allow this to escalate into a military conflict, not wanting to gain Germany. By the same frontal clash with the UK, Germany was not prepared for, though, and quickly built up its navy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victory Low lands

Envision ourselves in the XVI century in the Low Countries, how to translate the name Netherlands. Opening of a great game of chess history is this: the territory belongs to Spain, among the inhabitants of the Netherlands is becoming more popular Protestantism. And its track is perhaps the most essential and anti-papal – Calvinism. Yes, Calvin of Geneva has already cleansed the temple of the city of icons and statues of the saints, from all sorts of images of Christ and the apostles. Read the rest of this entry »

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Over the evil empire sun not at all sets

Oddly enough, all the basics of German National Socialism – the veneration of a gentlemen, racism, and anti-Semitism and genocide beast men – existed long before the birth of Adolf Hitler. And successfully applied in practice, a country over which the sun never set – the British Empire.

For example, Aboriginal massacres in the English colonies were as common as hunting. In 1830, Tasmania soldiers of the 40th Regiment were herded into a bunch of natives who dared to be ungracious, shot the men, and then beaten to death women and children. Read the rest of this entry »

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Finds that changed our view of the past

The first talk about of archeology appeared in antiqueGreece- Plato defined this word all the antiquity or history of past times. During the Renaissance, the history of archeology called classical antiquity, and only much later, in the XVIII century, in connection with the excavation in 1748, the ancient city ofPompeii, and the finding in 1799 of the Rosetta Stone, archeology began to acquire scientific and particular. Since then, thousands of historical archeology discoveries. Some of them have changed our view of history: Read the rest of this entry »

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The historical legends of the Castle of the White Heron

Legend of White HeronTokyo– an indispensable element in the cultural program of any tourist. Already on the way to the mountain Hime becomes clear why the castle was called the White Heron. The white walls, the corners of roofs, aspiring upward surprising harmony with the landscape – all this makes me think of a graceful bird, finished just about to break in flight. 

Most peaceful fortress

All in the castle permeated harmony. Even the date of its construction – 1333 – is striking in its beauty. However, he thought as a regular fortress in which they lived samurai clans. Read the rest of this entry »

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Distant Lights:discovered most distant stars in Milky Way

In the same way as each planet in the solar system revolves around the sun, as well, each star in the Milky Way revolves around a big black hole at the middle of our galaxy. But how far does the Milky Way? Astronomers get closer to the answer to this question with the discovery of two distant gas giants. 

This is the most distant stars that we have ever seen in the Milky Way – said John Bochanski from Haverford College, an astronomer who discovered these stars. These two stars will help to probe unexplored province of space and assist in evaluating the total mass of our galaxy, which is poorly known.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The most mysterious people in history

historyCrimean Goths are considered one of the most mysterious people in history. Having lived almost a millennium in theCrimea, they disappeared in the XVII century – after the conquest of the peninsula by the Ottoman Turks. Historians Crimean Goths left only mysteries and legends.

Gothic tribes

Some scientists believe that the great migrations provoked exactly the Goths, Vandals and supplanted Rugova from their lands. Goths spoke on the German language – the Gothic, and in the IV century the legendary Bishop Ulfilas created a Gothic alphabet for them, and soon translated the Bible, as it was the Goths were the first Germanic tribes to Christianity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Those men are attracted to women most

attracted to women mostHaving studied the results of various studies in the field of gender relations, scientists have found some features of the behavior and the external features of the fairer sex were male most welcome:

1. Moderate neuroticism

More women than men prone to displays of emotional instability and anxiety. Studies have shown that women with inflated levels of neuroticism are less satisfied with their relationships.

However, some scientists have suggested that the extent of disturbing the fair sex can attract men, because they treat a woman like a good mother, taking care of the welfare of their children. Read the rest of this entry »

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The mysterious cave Ervandun

CaveThere are mysterious places that have never visited any rays of sunlight or researchers. Set of phenomenal natural objects waiting to be discovered. As if created for this inquisitive nature of man to strive to conquer the new and expanding earned. One of the recent discoveries – a giant cave Ervandun in China. Offer to admire the first photos of her exciting depths.

Chinese cave system Ervandun so large that it has its own micro climate. The total area it occupies is equal to 51 square kilometers. The distance from the lowest to the highest point – about 250 meters. Read the rest of this entry »

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